Breathe Easy with Better Air Quality in your Home

You put so much effort into making sure the food and water in your family’s home is 100% healthy, to keep immune systems strong and energy levels high. However, there’s one healthy living essential that often goes overlooked, simply because we can’t see it. We’re talking about the air in your home; better quality air naturally means better health and wellbeing for you and your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the fab eco appliances available at our online store, all designed to improve your home’s air quality and help you breathe easy!

Clean Air

To make your family’s home a healthier and cleaner space, use an air purifier to filter out all those unseen nasties in your surrounding environment. An effective air purifier should eliminate the following:

  • Pollen, dust & mould
  • Bacteria, viruses & germs
  • Tobacco smoke & carbon monoxide
  • Bad odours

You can set up an effective but affordable air purifier in your home or office, or even keep a super-handy portable USB air purifier with you to cleanse the air wherever you go.

Healthy Humidity

Living in a dry climate means breathing dry air, and that brings a number of health hazards with it. Overly dry air dries out the mucous membranes and causes scratchy throats, itchy eyes and stuffy noses – even nosebleeds.

Dry air in the home also dries and dehydrates your skin, and increases your family’s risk of exposure to common infections.

To combat dry air, it helps to invest in a good quality humidifier. Try our standard model to give your household air a healthy moisture balance, or splash out on the deluxe model, complete with warm and cool settings, air purifying filters, AND an aromatherapy option.


Eco Heating 

Forget the old fan heater that dries out the air, and the gas heater with its nasty fumes; carbon fibre heaters are the coolest way to warm up. These state-of-the-art heaters won’t affect the humidity or oxygen levels in your home, and they won’t produce the harmful emissions that ordinary heaters do. Cosy up with one of our carbon fibre heater models this winter – they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing? The gorgeous glow of this Himalayan Salt Lamp acts as a natural ioniser and air cleanser.

For a more natural solution, discover which plants can help to purify the air in your home.

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