5 Ways to make your home a spiritual haven

Come home to a haven where you can leave your stress at the door, let go and find some tranquil inner peace. Here are some starter ideas to inspire you to make your home a spiritual haven.

1. Leafy Friends

It has been found that having plants in your home increases happiness and psychological health. There are some plants that are excellent air purifiers and our leafy friends create such a cozy atmosphere. Their soothing green colour is therapeutic and they are used in Feng Shui as a way to create positive energy and flow in a home.

Feng shui is the art of placing objects in and around your home to create positive energy and abundance. Place healthy plants on either side of your front door to encourage positive Feng Shui. Plants can also have a spiritual significance, read up which plants have the qualities you are looking for, be it protection, happiness or luck – Jasmine attracts love and money and Basil is said to bring luck, protection and purity.

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2. Candles

Light is one of those crucial elements that can make a space feel either tranquil or harsh. Choosing soft, soothing lighting can make an instant difference to how any space feels. Burning candles not only looks beautiful, but in Feng shui is considered purifying, also bringing the energy of fire into your home for warmth, prosperity and abundance. The best placement is considered in the central part of the house.

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3. Lamps

Another way to create clear energy is with a Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp that emits particles called negative ions. Negative ions mop up negative energy and purify the air too, protecting you from the influence of electromagnetic fields caused by your electrical appliances. Himalayan Salt also has the most soothing beautiful colours of pinks and oranges that instantly create a tranquil atmosphere.

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4. Aromatherapy

Smell has a very powerful and immediate effect on your emotions and using natural aromas such as incense and aromatherapy oils can have an uplifting and positive effect on the atmosphere in your home. In Feng Shui using natural aromas can enhance the “Chi” (energy) of your home and promote abundance and positive emotions. Frankincense, nag champa or sandalwood incense can help reduce depression and anxiety and create a deep sense of the sacred while also clearing negative energy.

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5. Altar

Create a focal point in your home for what is sacred to you. Set aside a space for an altar, and decorate it with photos of loved ones, objects from nature such as stones and crystals or fresh flowers, pictures of spiritual figures, inspirational quotes, candles, fairy lights or books. This way you can symbolize your positive feelings of what is sacred and important to you, things you love and that inspire your soul. You can get creative and create a magical space. You needn’t limit this to an altar though.

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Find what makes your soul sing and spread the magic throughout your home, making it a place where you can rejuvenate your spirit and find your centre.

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