4 Ways to Boost Your Energy When the 3pm Slump Hits

We have all been there, trying to hide our yawns as we gaze over the numerous emails piling into our inbox with a blue light reflecting off our tired eyes. This is often paired with an overwhelming sense of sleepiness and referred to as the ‘afternoon slump’.

With lockdown and COVID-19 causing us to work from home, it has become even harder to resist the temptation of just sitting on your bed and finishing up those last-minute emails and giving in to the “nap trap”. 

An afternoon slump usually hits us around 3pm and is followed by symptoms of a dip in energy levels, tiredness, and (yes believe it or not) craving carbohydrates amongst a range of others. 

Contrary to popular belief, that 4th cup of coffee may not do the trick as it sends you into an energy high just to crash later in the day, we’ve found four easy ways to get you out of this mood while working from home. 

1. Peppermint 

Rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil into your hands and patting it onto your face will evoke your senses. If you are not inclined to opt for this, peppermint tea is a good alternative as the scent and taste of the herb is known to increase one’s energy levels. 

2. Exercise

We know what you are thinking, we are not about to recommend a sweat session of hot yoga to reawaken your senses but rather isometric exercises. By simply tensing your muscles and holding it for some time (at least 5 -10 minutes) you encourage blood flow which can optimise your energy levels. Some easy isometric exercises to do while you are sitting at your desk include; bicep curls, neck extension through rotation, and a retraction exercise. 

3. A carrot a day… keeps the slump at bay

Instead of snacking on sugary sweets hoping for a healthy snack option such as raw vegetables or whole-grain crackers. These types of snacks combine both fibre and complex carbohydrates and will give your blood sugar levels the pick me up that they need.

4. H20 to the rescue 

Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day as levels of dehydration can result in one feeling sluggish. The best way to ensure that you are drinking enough water is to keep a filled water bottle at your workstation within your eye-line. Sipping throughout the day on your water bottle can help you keep alert. 

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