3 Flower-Infused Meditations for Spring

With the days getting longer, the sun shining brighter and the world bursting with fresh, colourful new life, it’s hard not to believe the magic of Spring.

Serving as a transition between winter hibernation and summer festivities, this sweet season brings, freshness, heightened energy and creativity to all of us.

Why not harness the power of this rejuvenating time by trying one of these three flower-infused meditations?


Need inspiration to get started with that new creative endeavour you’ve been stalling on?
Visualising your project as a flower bursting into bloom could be a great way of setting your intentions for success.

Here’s what to do:

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and think of your favourite flower. If you need some visual aid, take a photo of the flower and study it for a while.
Once you have this picture clearly in your mind, spend some time thinking about the whole process it had to go through to be the magnificent bloom it is today: from seed to small shoot rooted in the ground to a safe little bud, until its final unfolding.
Now, in the same way you’ve gone through these steps with the flower, start visualising your endeavour:

Seed: Establish what lies at the very heart of what it is you want to do and why this is important to you.

Root: Imagine the seed of this idea taking root and setting itself firmly in the fertile soil of your creativity.

Budding: Picture your little plant pushing through the soil, first forming leaves and finally the protective bud in which your idea or project is safely enveloped while it gains strength and resilience.

Bloom: Finally, visualise what you’d like it to look like once that bud breaks open and your idea is ready to meet the warm sun and bright blue sky. Think about how you want to bring joy/make a difference/add beauty to the world. Spend a good while here and take into account that with the blooming also comes exposure to unknown territory and new challenges. Visualise how, like a bloom bending in the wind, you will also be able to meet any tests and trials with flexibility and grace.

Go through this meditation daily and keep a journal of your intentions and realisations.


If meditation doesn’t come easy to you (like many of us), you might enjoy doing something a little more active.

Mindful flower arranging is a great way to connect with the bloom of new life by feeling it in your hands. Even though you are able to buy a mixed bunch of flowers from your local market or shop, and rearrange them according to your instincts, actually going out to pick a little posy of your own may be a lot more rewarding.

The secret to the whole process is to give yourself over to the moment. For the 10 – 15 minutes you spend on sorting and arranging the flowers, let them be your soul focus. Take your time to look, hold and appreciate each one before adding it to your arrangement.

Try finding an array of colours, shapes and lengths and don’t be afraid to make something wild and unorthodox!


Finally, this third floral meditation is basically a blend of the two mentioned above.
Like the visualisation exercise, you’re going to be seated in a comfortable position, setting yourself up for meditation. And similar to the mindful arranging, your focus is going to be on the physical form of a real flower.

Here’s what to do:

Hold the flower in your hand and let your gaze fall softly onto it. Start by just looking at its shape and colour. As it draws you in, marvel at the way its petals are so perfectly formed, how they seem to have been painted with the finest paint brush. Let your gaze take you even deeper and notice any imperfections the flower might have. Take some time to concentrate on these, see how they add to its character and embrace them as an essential part of everything. Breathe deeply and notice the flower’s unique scent – is it overpowering? Is it soft? Does it have a greenish tinge or slightly sweet?

It’s only natural that your attention will wander off, but as soon as your thoughts drift elsewhere, just bring them back to the physical form of the flower in front of you.

Spend between 10 – 15 minutes on this practice and once your senses are fully charged, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and thank your flower before heading off into the day.

Do you have any floral meditations we should try? We’d love to hear about them!

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