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Inthusiasm Liquid Foundation 40ml Bottle (No Suprarein)

Inthusiasm Liquid Foundation 40ml Bottle (No Suprarein)
Inthusiasm Liquid Foundation 40ml Bottle (No Suprarein)
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Price From: R365.00
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Price From: R365.00
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This all mineral liquid foundation from Inthusiasm is locally made and completely free of chemicals. Inthusiasm liquid foundations are also gluten-free.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

The foundations come in various shades, just use the drop down menu on the left to see the colours & choose which one you would like:

  • Claudine - Beige
  • Emma - Sunkissed beige
  • Kirsti - Apricot undertone
  • Lesli - Pink
  • Nikki - Natural & light
  • Whitney
  • Tatum - Ivory
  • Christel - Biscuit

Did you Know? The use of mineral make-up is recommended by dermatologists.

Inthusiasm is easy to apply, ideal for women with busy lifestyles. Suitable for all skin types, the Inthusiasm range is versatile and changes the conventional use of make-up.

The Inthusiasm range combines the most up-to-date colours with skin care benefits that conventional make-ups can only dream to have.

The Inthusiasm make-up will not clog pores and has virtually no allergy risk. Broad spectrum UVB and UVA protection, and is water resistant. Composed of minerals that cannot support bacteria, is environmentally aware and is not tested on animals. The Inthusiasm make-up forms a filter that allows your skin to breath while protecting it from air pollutants.

Inthusiasm make-up does not need to be touched up during the day and will not crease or smear even during the hottest days.


Silica Microspheres, Mica, Neopein & Organic matter such as Iron oxide. Suparein is replaced with Cal.Silver & Vitamin E in this product.

The foundation is preserved with Cal.Silver & Vitamin E. This is made with extracts from Origanum leaf, Thyme, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary Leaf, Lavender Flower, lemon peel, Peppermint Leaf, Golden Seal Root and olive Leaf which provide a herbal, healthy aroma which increases the blood circulation for rejuvenated skin. You may feel tingling when applying the foundation, but there is no need for alarm, as your skin is basically tingly to a healthier glow.

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 155 reviews

147 out of 155 people would recommend this product

08/12/2022, By Natur.etc
My first impression was not good, as I was used to heavy thick makeup which didn't look or feel natural at all. Inthusiasm's liquid foundation is light and thin. What I came to love about it is that I can layer it more where needed. It looks and feels natural and my skin's blemishes has improved since I started using it.

I recommended getting a sample pack from Inthusiasm directly to test and play around with the different colour options.
20/10/2022, By Karolynne
I tried this product almost 2 years ago now & have fallen deeply in love. It is filled with minerals, instead of nasty chemicals, which leaves your skin feeling nourished instead of stripped. Upon shopping around for other organic make up products, it is also quite clear that this is well priced too!
09/05/2022, By Ashleigh
I used the shade Tatum for my fair, golden-undertone skin and it was a really good shade for me colour wise. These products are definitely made to be mixed though, as even Tatum needed a bit of a lighter shade to balance it fully. The customer service from the company who makes it was super good and fast.

I found the foundation thick and a little hard to spread without moisturizer, which is to be expected as it’s all natural.

What I really wasn’t a fan of was the damage it did to my acne-prone skin. I was under the impression that the foundation is light and doesn’t bother your skin. This was not the case AT ALL. I have extremely sensitive skin and am prone to atopy on my face and neck. I was assured that the product would definitely be okay for super sensitive skin. When I applied it, it was about one hour before my skin started reacting to it. I got extremely bad acne all over my face and neck and my skin had a bad rash too. I tried the foundation a few times and every time it made my skin very bad. I couldn’t wear it for longer than an hour or two before my skin started to break out in acne that wouldn’t go away for weeks. This product is definitely NOT for sensitive skin at all. Especially skin that has problems like atopy or acne.

Normal/ oily skin may be fine with this, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin. It’s a good product and is worth a look, but just not if you have bad skin or dry skin. My face has taken months to recover.
29/04/2022, By CB
The product itself is lovely, it has coverage but doesn't feel heavy, and easy to apply.
The big disadvantage though is the packaging. It comes in a square glass bottle, so A LOT of the product can't be reached with the pump or through the small opening, and you can't really open/cut it to scoop the rest. So you don't really get 40 ml, but 30, if not less.
30/12/2021, By Berlinda
Covers face well. Allows skin to breathe so it does not seem to block pores.
26/06/2021, By Azel
Great value for money. Good coverage. Looks natural.
29/04/2021, By Larisa
I mix this with Nikki to match my skin tone. Good coverage. Need to reapply by midday but a nice natural option.
29/04/2021, By Larisa
I mix this colour witk Kristel to match my skin. Great coverage. Does not last all day but its a great natural option.
21/01/2021, By Fran
Very satisfied with this foundation. This is what I will buy in the future.
09/12/2020, By Chantelle
A wonderful product! Not too thick and pasty on your skin. I forget I'm wearing foundation and it blends beautifully onto my skin.
08/12/2020, By Candice
Good coverage, color is right but makes my skin a bit dry.
30/11/2020, By Karel
Wife likes it as it is healthier, but not great coverage
15/09/2020, By Jessica
A bit darker than I thought but works well
13/09/2020, By Marietjie
Christel really shades well with my skin color and I normly used a "dune" color in other commercial foundations
09/09/2020, By Petra
Nice and light, absorbs well and looks natural.
31/08/2020, By Ashleigh
This foundation may not be for you if you have dry skin - it settles in the lines on your face and can look powdery.
23/08/2020, By Marietjie
Applies well. Perhaps a little light for my skin tone. Will buy another color to blend it with. It is nice though and without the bad stuff!
24/07/2020, By Karen
Applies very easily and lasts the whole day. Doesn't dry my skin out like other foundations. With the pump bottle, I do feel quite a bit gets wasted once you get to the end of the bottle. Really struggle to get the last bit out.
15/07/2020, By Nomfundo
lovely foundation. i really needed this foundation its really easy to put and blends quite well with my complexion.
15/07/2020, By Nomfundo
lovely foundation. i really needed this foundation its really easy to put and blends quite well with my complexion.
11/06/2020, By Clair
I have used this product for over a year.
Good colour match and fairly good coverage.
If you want to try it, Definitely ask for samples first.
Only problem for me - no SPF
02/06/2020, By Laetitia
I see people say they received samples, where do you request for the samples. I've requested for the samples on the email they said I should place an order, I did place an order now they say the don't always have samples.
29/05/2020, By Fiona
Love this foundation. Perfect colour, covers easily and lasts all day.
17/05/2020, By Charlene
Love the foundation - would prefer a few more in-between shades to choose from.
08/05/2020, By Lianna
23/04/2020, By Ray
Works really well over a light moisturiser, I dont use on dry skin as it can be drying. Really good value for money as my bottle lasted a good couple of months... doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin. Tatum is perfect for my skin tone.
28/03/2020, By Chantz
I love this product and use the Tatum. It works so well.
21/03/2020, By Nikita
Nice smell, nice texture but shade is way off! Transfers easily as well.
21/03/2020, By Meg
I have used this foundation for more than 5 years and have seen the transition through the different types of packaging. I bought this pump dispenser for the first time, and it broke within the first week! I have had to scoop the product out. Now at the end of the scooping ability, I am wasting loads of product and find myself here adding the original squeezy bottle to my basket. Interested to see if anybody else had the same experience?
02/03/2020, By Lisa
Best foundation! Lasts long and does not affect my skin
10/02/2020, By Jacqui S
Goes on easily and lasts all day. Good cover. Good range of colors.
14/12/2019, By Samantha
I think this is really a great product. I didn't order a sample but luckily I ordered the right shade.
29/11/2019, By Micky
Matched my skin perfectly! I'm quite pale with freckles and went with the Nikki shade. I love how it melts into my skin and doesn't look cakey. Very natural looking and love that it doesn't have anything bad in it. I also struggle with acne - mineral makeup is always advised otherwise acne gets worse! So this foundation is perfect for me when I want to cover up.
11/11/2019, By Yolande
Great coverage and the bottle lasts a few months. My skin is getting clearer since moving on to more natural products.
04/10/2019, By Yolande
Covers well and lasts a long time.
25/08/2019, By Catherine
It doesn't cover as well as I had hoped. Seems to be light and let's my skin breathe though. Perhaps I need a different color. Hard to tell with pictures and on your skin. Good knowing there is no bad stuff in iy
11/08/2019, By Nicole
A great product! Will definitely buy again.
07/08/2019, By Clair
At last! A good coverage foundation that doesn't shine of smudge off.
Perfect colour for me
06/08/2019, By Therita
I used only the Inthusiasm foundation which didn't seem to last all day long! Now, I daily use the Inthusiasm concealer, with the Inthusiasm foundation on top and finish off with the Inthusiasm powder and the combo really works well. I have no complaints and I'm super happy now.... :)
03/08/2019, By GEORGIE
Favourite foundation - have been using it for years. Love that it gives full coverage and never feels heavy on my skin. The only issue I have had with every bottle bought is the pump, after a few uses it stops working.
03/08/2019, By Nicola
This blends well yet I felt it is a little "dry" on my skin
11/07/2019, By Joodel
I am enjoying this product. It can be a little dry on your skin but works well and I like knowing there is nothing nasty in it
28/05/2019, By Sandy
Absolutely love the Inthusiasm Liquid Foundation, just ordered the foundation again.
26/05/2019, By Shirley
Excellent product
16/05/2019, By Fran
I am re-ordering this product. Very satisfied.
16/05/2019, By Fran
I'm also now buying this product for my daughter. We are very satisfied!
13/05/2019, By Charleen
I was researching foundations for a long time before I came to the conclusion that this is one of the safest products to use on the market today. It might seem more expensive than some of the others, but a small amount goes a long way, I just need a drop and it covers without looking thick or overdone.
12/05/2019, By claudia
Been using Kirsti on/off for last 2 years- good medium coverage, stays better with Lesli translucent powder dusted over it
12/05/2019, By Pops
I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It covers well. Doesn’t look great if I have any dry skin patches (unlike Clinique which covers everything). But it is comfortable to use and I love the colour of Tatum. Don’t like the pinkness of Nikki which I also ordered.
12/05/2019, By Barbara
I definitely like that it's natural and it gives good coverage, just doesn't blend too easily
11/05/2019, By Min
I love it on my skin. Will buy it again
11/04/2019, By Katherine
This product changed my life! For once I have a makeup that doesn’t irritate my perioral dermatitis!
09/04/2019, By M
I love this product. It gives great coverage and is easy to spread. It is matt, without drying your skin, ( I am 40+). It lasts a long time too. This is the second time I buy this and think I found a foundation I LOVE.
07/04/2019, By Mari
Great product! I will definitely buy again!
29/03/2019, By Corrine
I have been using the tube, and loved it but found it way too thin. I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered the bottle. Great coverage! So much better than the tube.(not sure if they changed the formula recently, as I see people have complained about it being too thin?) Works really well together with the powder too.

I wish they would bring out a wider range of shades though, as I use the Nikki and it is just too pink for me- but the tatum, which is ivory, is way too dark.
13/03/2019, By Jenny
It might suit flawless skin but I find it (I use Kirsti) too runny. I preferred the consisency of the one which had Suprerein, it was not so runny. So I have been disappointed and don't know what to use now.
11/03/2019, By Lize
Gives good coverage and so good to know I'm putting something healthier on my skin that does the job as well as a conventional product. Only used for a few days now, but so far so good
17/02/2019, By Tarryn
This is a lovely product but the packaging needs to be changed. My pump stopped working after a week. I see from other reviews, I am not the only one. I will purchase again but only in the tube.
17/01/2019, By Abby
I love this foundation - applies smoothly to my skin. Tatum suits my pale skin - normally I use translucent/ivory type products. Will definitely buy again!
17/01/2019, By Alisjia
Unfortunately not for me, creases A LOT, makes me look 10 years older. I gave it to my mother-in-law, who loves it and it works on her skin.
21/12/2018, By El
Colour is lighter than the previous bottle I had. Still like this foundation for everyday use. Medium coverage.
09/12/2018, By Mel
I am very happy with this foundation! (first time buy) :)
I had been waiting a while for samples which never came into stock so I was hesitant to purchase without knowing if it would match my skin colour. I went ahead with the purchase, after reading a very helpful review from another customer (Nisaa) regarding the the suitable colours for my skin tone. Tatum - medium skin tones with golden undertones
I am so glad I did, I love this foundation. My skin feels great with it on and my sensitive skin does not react like or breakout after use like I've experienced with the many non-organic foundation products from other stores. No smell to it.
I like how the bottle pump pumps out a reasonably small amount each time. It really helps to not waste excess and stops one from feeling the need to overdo coverage.
04/12/2018, By Melissa
Love this brand, but I find this foundation flaky and the shades do not seem to be the same each time.
The consistency is not the same as the previous bottle I ordered :(.
04/12/2018, By Maryann
Only need very little of this product for a decent covering.
04/12/2018, By Verena
Have been using this for years and it works well. Would like it if the coverage was a bit more especially for a more mature skin
04/12/2018, By Ashlyn
We've on really easily. Perfect for daytime/every day. Builds and applies very well.
IF you're into glamor makeup this will dissappioint because it has a very light coverage, but can be built somewhat.
For me, it's perfect for an every day fresh look.
03/12/2018, By Anel
Glad I got this on sale, it covers nicely, will need to use it a bit longer. better when used with powder. It is a bit expensive for the small size, need to use sparingly
12/11/2018, By Marilyn
I absolutely love this foundation and won't use anything else - I have such difficult skin which dislikes most products but it loves this one and it wears beautifully. The only issue I have is the pump action of the bottle, my new one won't pump and my previous ones still had a lot of liquid in the bottle when the pump stopped working.
07/11/2018, By Monique
This is the only natural liquid foundation I use. Applies and absorbs smoothly and skin feels great all day long.
05/11/2018, By Maretha
Good coverage, soft feeling on my face and my face does not dry out throughout the day. I will definitely use this natural product again.
14/10/2018, By Jen
So disappointed in my last order of the Nikki shade. It now has the same consistency as the foundation in the 30ml tube - thin and runny
20/09/2018, By Lil'J
Lovely light coverage that leaves a smooth finish without any residue. Great for an oily T-zone/combination skin. Skin feels nourished at the end of a day.
09/09/2018, By Linda
Shade is a bit too light for me. Doesn't cover enough and doesn't last long on my face.
29/08/2018, By Emily
I really like this product, I am a freckly blond and the tatum shade works best for me. I mix it in with my moisturizer and get very good results and it lasts longer.
06/08/2018, By Luzelle
Love that is does not rub off on eveything, I.e phone. It can, however, be a bit too thin, cover lightly, but love that it is good quality and good for the skin
06/08/2018, By Bernadine
I really wanted to love this foundation as I am moving over to cruelty free makeup, but I'm afraid it doesn't work for me. It goes on streaky and doesn't blend into my skin. I did force myself to wear it for a few days, but eventually had to return to my tried and trusted Clinique.
02/08/2018, By Danielle
Normally I hate wearing any foundation as it feel likes my skin is getting clogged but I have completely changed my mind about foundation now. This foundation feels and looks so great, and it really seems like it's actually helping my skin rather than harming. I have no problem with wearing this foundation every day - it's perfect if you want light/medium coverage and a really "naturally" flawless look
25/07/2018, By Rosie
Great foundation, but do not last the whole day.
25/07/2018, By Corrine
This product is great, but I have fair skin with a yellow undertone, and the Nikki is just too pink. Please bring out a yellow-toned fair foundation!

I still use it as a day-to-day, but have had to buy a hypoallergenic foundation that suits my shade. I do use it as a primer when applying the other foundation though, and it works great!
24/07/2018, By Elle
My skin is very fair and I brought Christel to mix with a lighter colour to blend with my skin. However, the colour is much lighter than shown on the website, so it doesn't need much blending. Ask for a sample for colour match before you buy.
20/07/2018, By Khaya
Will definitely repurchase this. Light coverage and great product
15/07/2018, By A
I really like the foundation, unfortunately purchased the wrong colour, and it's too dark for me

Will rather get samples first
12/07/2018, By Laura
First-time buyer of the Inthusiasm foundation, and am really impressed with the product. It has a fine texture, isn't oily and yet applies easily. It has no smell, and stays put all day without the oiliness from regular foundations. Only challenge is finding the right shade - I chose the lightest shade (Nikki), and think I may take the second lightest shade next time round. Will definitely buy again.
11/07/2018, By Shamona
I really like this product. It offers good coverage and goes on well. Only downside is that is doesnt last all day and this is in winter. Not sure yet how it wears in summer. Still i would repurchase as i want to avoid chemical filled makeup products
08/07/2018, By Anita
Excellent tinted foundation. The coverage is light and smooth when applied after a day moisturizer. It does not cake at all and a tiny amount goes a long way. It is quite expensive, but I will purchase again for winter. The colour Emma is perfect for my light olive Mediterranean skin tone.
02/07/2018, By Nisaa
Medium coverage and is buildable , doesn't cause breakouts. The shade Tatum is perfect for medium skin tones with golden undertones. Only issue is it tends to rub off easily during the day, but will definitely purchase again.
04/06/2018, By Maggie
Feels nice
28/05/2018, By Jennifer
I have used both with and without Suprarein and they are just as good as each other. This was my 4th bottle. I find it a bit thick and have to use very little and finish it off with the powder. It lasts long. The colour is perfect.
25/05/2018, By Inge
It's a lovely product natural coverage providing natural looking coverage. Unfortunately the pump on my bottle doesn't work. But I'm still able to use it just fine. Ordering the tube next time.
16/05/2018, By WvB_1
When you've found your matching colour, this foundation works beautifully to create a smooth look. It covers without appearing too thick. Ask the FTN team to send you a couple of samples before you decide which colour to order, as the colours on the web site look different from the real thing.
15/05/2018, By claudia
After using this local brand for last ten weeks my skin seems to be more hydrated looking- coverage is light to medium
15/05/2018, By Karien
Amasing foundation! Although it does provide very light coverage, so you might need a smidge more for darker spots, it is lovely and light on one's skin. It also combats shininess and provides a lasting finish.
15/05/2018, By Dale
This is a great product. The consistency is quite thin so it doesn't look cakey at all and apples very smoothly. I'm a huge Mac fan but I'll change to this foundation. I bought Claudine but the colour is slightly darker than I expected - I usually use Mac nw30. I'll get a shade lighter next time.
15/05/2018, By Samantha
Perfect colour for me
11/05/2018, By Jenavicka
Unfortunately not for me.
I have very oily skin and I found this didn’t stay matte for very long at all. I also battled with the colours- I got a darker and a lighter colour as I couldn’t get a perfect match, but the light is super pink and the dark is super orange.

The smell puts me off ever wanting to wear it- I don’t like anything with a strong smell to be on my face and every time I go into the sun I can smell this foundation. It also made my eyes burn (even though this one is the less harsh one) but I do have extremely sensitive eyes.

I’m so sad, I was so excited to use an all natural, SA make up brand :(
04/05/2018, By Ray
love this foundation and love the fact that it's natural, not clogging my pores and is not harming my skin. Looks very natural and is actually waterproof from my experience, but comes off nice and easily with a mild soap. The price may seem steep but it lasts a long time and is great value for your buck. As somebody who is not a fan of makeup, this is impressive.
29/04/2018, By Jenny
I love this foundation; it stays put all day, looks totally natural and of course is totally natural. So nice to know I am not smothering my face in chemicals!
03/04/2018, By Sam
This is a great foundation and I'm enjoying using it. Wasn't quite sure what to expect from a natural foundation but I must say I've been pleasantly surprised here.I have very pale skin and so Nikki has been the best match for me and gives a light coverage which I love since I'm not huge on makeup. I do find my skin gets a tad oily with this product throughout the course of the day but not too bad, and maybe just me.
29/03/2018, By Penny-Jane
Love this product, gentle citrus smell with good cleaning action.
11/03/2018, By Ena
This foundation is light and feels so natural, but at the same time it is highly effective. My absolute favourite! I'm not really a makeup person, but I don't go without my Inthusiasm foundation!
16/02/2018, By Tricia
I have been using this product for many years and it has so many benefits... it is vegan, locally made and chemical free.
10/02/2018, By Michele
As someone who started with the suprarein option and loved that one so much. This one is even better! I found the other sometimes caused my eyes to sting and water. This one doesn't affect my eyes at all but still gives that beautiful medium coverage but natural glow that I love about Inthusiasm foundation!
08/02/2018, By Shannin
I'm blown away by this foundation! It applies beautifully with a brush or sponge. It makes my skin look healthy without making it extra oily (I have oily skin), seems to make the surface of my skin look smoother and somewhat poreless, and the coverage is amazing and can be built up without looking icky. I apply my foundation around 6:30 in the morning, set with powder, blot once around lunchtime, and still look perfect at around 8pm when I remove it! No separating, no cakiness, no skin irritation. I haven't noticed it having a particular or strong scent which is good too. The glass bottle is nice enough but the quality of the pump can be improved upon. It also oxidises (I. E. Gets darker) once applied, so keep that in mind when selecting your shade. In MAC foundations I'm about a an NC25. I bought the shade Tatum, which is WAAAAAAAY too dark and a tad bit orange on me. I mix in some Shade Lightening Drops from The Body Shop, and that works well to get it to a believable shade on me. Next time I'll order the shade Nikki and hope that is a better match. Overall, despite the mission with the colour, it's a STUNNING foundation and I'm very happy I tried it and will continue to use it. PS...I have hyperpigmentation so I'm no newbie when it comes to testing out foundation. I've tried SOOOOO many of the well known luxe brands and this foundation is up there for sure!
06/02/2018, By Harriet
Love this foundation! I used to work the make-up counters in London in my 20's so I have tried a lot of premier foundations in my time. This one sits comfortably all day, looking as fresh as it did when I applied it. It let's my skin breath, doesn't clog pores or cause any breakouts, and my daughter, who uses it to cover the odd teenage spot, says that it makes the spot heal better with it on. The pump is great too and is able to dispense a small amount at a time so there is minimal waste. I pump a little onto the back of my hand and use the fingertips of the other hand to apply to the areas that need some coverage, it also builds up well for darker spots. Fingertips are always better than sponges or brushes for application as they are more hygienic, the warmth helps products blend better and you don't waste any foundation. Best to get a range of samples to get the correct shade and also to see if it is right for your skin type. If you break out, you need a less oily foundation or rather go for a powder foundation instead. I was searching for a beautiful foundation that looks natural, works in harmony with my skin and is a dream to apply...I found it!
05/02/2018, By Meggles
This is seriously the best foundation ever if you want a light, non-allergenic, non-oily foundation. It goes on smoothly and doesn't gather in your lines or leave any residue. Try it!
21/12/2017, By Brenda
Best foundation ever! Won't buy any other. I do tend to mix two different colours that I bought, but don't need to. Great product!
16/11/2017, By Sally
Take the time to get a sample before ordering. The online colours are not really accurate. This said, happy with the product and my sensitive eyes do not react to this product.
15/11/2017, By Marieta
I am impressed with this foundation, feels good on my skin and covers well.
20/10/2017, By Nix
So nice that my skin can breathe and that I have no reactions to it! Nice and light!!!
19/10/2017, By Samantha
This is a re-order. I love this make-up and I will not go back to the conventional stuff I used to use
29/09/2017, By Emily
My first time trying the Inthusiasm range and using Faithful to Nature. Honestly blown away by both. The foundation is light, yet offers plenty cover. The Faithful to Nature team has been incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout.
I would recommend them and the various products I ordered with a smile.
26/09/2017, By Tricia
I came across this foundation and have been using it for years now. It really is very good and it lasts a long time so it is very economical
26/09/2017, By Anja
I have been using this foundation for years and it is really one of the best around. Such a great find :)
24/09/2017, By Leigh-Anne
Light and natural. Will never go back to conventional foundation.
22/09/2017, By Nettie
This foundations is soft and smooth and is very easy to apply on your skin. And a little goes a long way. The only thing I would have liked it to have is a little sun screen. Otherways love it!
13/09/2017, By Samantha
Wonderful product which gives just the right amount of cover but feels like you have no make-up on your skin. it goes on a bit dry with your fingers so I first spritz my face with toner and then apply with a latex sponge on slightly damp skin.
12/09/2017, By Nikki
Wonderful light foundation, I have extremely dry skin and this is a fantastic product for my face. No more sore red patches on my face from foundation. Very impressed and will be a staple in my makeup bag
03/09/2017, By Tara
Fantastic foundation! Light weight, good coverage, face doesn't feel "caked", a little goes a long way. Slightly lighter in colour than expected. Love the fact that it has no Suprarein so my eyes don't water.
31/08/2017, By Donne
Its SO good to know that my skin isn't soaking up synthetic harmful materials used in make-up and it looks and feels great too!
28/08/2017, By Maureen
Great product.
Like the finish and colour good for my fair skin.
Will buy again.
18/08/2017, By Sune
Great coverage and perfect colour. leaves my skin a lot less oily than other well known brands. I struggle with oily skin and this is a perfect foundation to keep a matt-look for long.
17/08/2017, By Sarah
This is a great product which makes my skin look great, I have received so many compliments since using it.
13/08/2017, By Linda
Great foundation. Is a bit dark for my skin but I just add it to the lighter shade that I have.
03/08/2017, By Lenate
I received many compliments since I started using this foundation. It has adequate coverage and blends very well with the skin. I just wish it came in a lighter colour as my skin is very fair.
01/08/2017, By Bee
Fantastic product at a great price. Much better for your skin than what's available in the big department stores. I can't be without it.
01/08/2017, By Linda
I purchase this for my daughter. She uses both the Kirsti + Claudine shades [1 lighter+ 1 darker foundation} and blend them for the perfect lightweight coverage as needed, as our skin shade varies a lot from summer to winter.
01/08/2017, By Linda
My daughter's skin has much improved since using this product, as she wears make-up every day. She buys 2 at a time, mixes a light+a darker foundation to get the perfect shade, depending on whether it's summer/winter, as she's indoors all day and doesn't get much sun..
28/07/2017, By Carrie
Very nice foundation, stays put all day and gives a nice complexion once on. Doesn't make your face feel oily at the end of the day.
17/07/2017, By Liesl
After years of wearing chemically laden foundation, I have finally found a product that makes me excited to apply it to my face. My skin breakouts are a thing of the past, and my skin glows beneath this foundation. You are able to build up the coverage, however I have found that for me it is simply perfect, and the Tatum shade is perfect for my fair complexion.
13/07/2017, By Lara
Love this product. Cover is not heavy; leaves skin looking so healthy.
13/06/2017, By Bronwyn
I have had an allergy lately to foundation and when I started using this the burning completely stopped, my skin is thriving and looking the best it has in years. It applies smoothly and doesn't cake or oxidize and stays put all day. I love it!!!
12/06/2017, By Lyn
Good coverage, reasonable price.
06/06/2017, By Michelle
Absolutely love this product. People are surprised when I mention I am wearing foundation. It is light, smooth coverage, doesn't cake and the colour (Nikki) is a perfect tone for my skin. I will not use anything else.
27/05/2017, By Jacqueline
Great foundation - goes on easily and stays on all day with no creasing or caking.
27/05/2017, By Jacqueline
Great foundation, easy to apply and stays on all day with no caking or creasing.
24/05/2017, By Angela
I am midway through my first bottle of Nikki (suprarein free) and I am convinced that this is the foundation for me, forever! Please don't change thing! I love how it sits on my skin once applied - goes on smoothly and settles with a slightly matte look. A serious thumbs up from me!
28/09/2016, By Elizabeth
I have really tried a huge myriad of foundations, and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. I specifically prefer the Inthusiasm foundation without Suprarein in a bottle - the consistency is just right, and it stays on all day. The best news is that my rosacea-prone skin is improving under its formula. Unfortunately, I cannot get the Tatum shade (the best match for my skin) in the bottle, and have to now buy the tube, and I find that the foundation in the tube is much runnier! However, this small issue aside - this is truly a remarkable product that gives many of the expensive imported overseas (and so-called Hollywood-mandated) products a run for its money.
15/07/2016, By Anne-Marie
I received this product as a sample in the Nikki colour and just love it! its light on my skin, doesn smudge, have a beautiful matte finish and really lasts all day. Being used to the feeling of a paint mask on my face, this is genuine refreshing! My skin feels and looks healthy and for me a huge bonus: it doesn emphasise the lines under my eyes. Love it love love it!
20/06/2016, By Brenda
Has a lovely feel and smell, but I was not happy with the cover as I have pigmentation
25/05/2016, By Linda
Really love the product. Would definitely buy again.
21/10/2015, By Jo
I ordered a couple of samples of the regular foundation (with Suprapein) and the Nikki colour was right for me. But the Suprapein stung my eyes, so I ordered this non-Suprapein version in Nikki. It was a totally different colour - MUCH lighter than the sample Id had of the non-Suprapein foundation. FTN and Inthusiasm have been very helpful in sorting it out, just be warned: and try a sample of the foundation version you want before buying full size. The product itself is great and I will buy it again.
17/07/2015, By Lauren
This foundation gives quite heavy coverage, and dries to a velvety, powdery finish, with good staying power. For daytime use, this is a bit heavy and matte for me, and tends to accentuate my fine lines, but I have found that mixing it up with a bit of moisturizer gives a lighter and more natural coverage, and finishing off with a light dusting of powder keeps it in place all day. Since I have oily skin, one or two blots a day keeps my face looking good.
26/05/2015, By Philippa
I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out with almost every foundation ever made. I originally tried the version of this foundation with suprapein and it burnt the living hell out of my sensitive skin. This version is wonderful, however. Looks great, feels great. Couldn want more.
10/02/2015, By Rentia
Cheaper better than most famous brands this is good for your skin. Love it
21/10/2014, By Kerry-Lee
I do not like to wear make up usually but with this I could wear it every day. It feels light on your skin and does not smudge onto your phone etc.
29/07/2014, By estelle
Ive been using this foundation for a month now. I hate foundation because of the thick paint feeling. But with this you don even know that you
e wearing foundation, and it lasts all day. It doesn go muddy in the afternoon. The application is smooth, and you use such a little bit at a time. It conceals all the marks and blemished that are starting to show with age (Im 53). I can recommend this 100%!
25/06/2014, By Cordelia
Im in love! This has to be the best foundation that I have ever used! It goes on smoothly, has a refreshing feeling on my skin and a fresh smell. It lasts all day, and along with the loose powder I have a lovely matte complexion. Im hooked!
26/02/2014, By Nadine
I have been using mineral make-up since 2006 and this product has the best coverage I have found so far. Also reasonably priced and that really helps a lot that I don feel so stingy applying it ..... :) Thank you Inthusiasm - this product makes me happy!!!
13/02/2014, By Hettie
Gorgeous foundation. Goes on beautifully. Nice mat finish, but not flaky, gives an overall smooth finish. Requested a sample and after using it ordered a bottle. Love it!
07/02/2014, By Wendy
This is an excellent foundation. I have been using it for three years and counting. I am unable to use any cosmetics with preservatives, so this foundation has been perfect for me. I am very pale-skinned so use Nikkie, which has a slightly pink undertone. The foundation sets with a matte coverage, so when I want more of a glow I just add a small amount of shea butter.
27/01/2014, By Jess
Simply incredible!
02/12/2013, By Marcia
I always used a far more expensive imported foundation, which was always out of stock when I needed a new one (through no fault of Faithful to Natures). So I decided to give this foundation a try and its great! One third of the price, and actually far nicer and longer lasting than the imported one. I keep getting compliments!
26/07/2013, By Angeline
This make-up is better than famous brands...all-over cover, lasts all day, doesn clog skin...looks great! I have moved overseas and still get my mom to buy this and send it to me!

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