Hemporium Shampoo (All Hair Types)

Hemporium Shampoo (All Hair Types)
Hemporium Shampoo (All Hair Types)
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Hemporium Shampoo

This non-ionic shampoo is made from only the finest natural ingredients and it is fully bio-degradable. It is a unique formulation containing saponified hemp seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, infused with chamomile, rosemary and nettle herbs. The essential fatty acids and proteins in the organic hemp seed oil help to protect and moisture your scalp and hair, giving it a wonderful lustre and stimulating growth.

Suitable for all hair types

Potash, Distilled water, Hemp Seed oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Slippery elm, Rosemary, Nettle, Seaweed. *(All natural ingredients)

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African
Overall Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars from 37 reviews

21 out of 37 people would recommend this product

13/04/2017, By MARISCA
20/03/2017, By Shireen
Not my favourite shampoo at all. Too watery so I have to use a lot at a time
20/01/2017, By Anneke
The consistency (which is like water) means that there will be no economical use of this one. Having said that it did leave my hair softer and a bit more manageable than some other natural shampoo products that I have tried. Cannot say that I would buy it again though.
03/11/2016, By Benita
Honestly the best shampoo I have ever used! my hair has never looked so good.
21/09/2016, By Janine
Love the ingredients and love the smell but this shampoo is very drying on my hair. Im still undecided about whether its helping my scalp or not. Gave it an extra star as it definitely gives curl definition. Just wish Hemporium would make a version for dry hair.
07/09/2016, By NATASHA
I was given a sample size of this shampoo along with my order. Under normal circumstances I would never have thought of purchasing organic shampoo so I am so grateful that I received the sample to try. I have three girls with thick; curly hair and unfortunately I do use a lot of product on their hair to tame the frizz curls. I decided to try this shampoo today and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The shampoo was runny but that did not pose any problems for me. The most impressive result from using this shampoo was the clarifying effect it had on the hair. It removed whatever product buildup was on the hair and left it shiny and soft. An even better result was the more defined curls after air drying. This shampoo is really gentle so it can be used for children. I will definitely consider purchasing organic shampoo in my next order.
04/09/2016, By Anton
This is a very very good product. Tried the sample and loved it. It is runny but you should pump it directly onto your hair - no wastage. It is gentle yet thoroughly cleanses. Leaves hair soft full and thick. Makes hair grow quicker.
01/09/2016, By Sarah
Yay for natural ingredients but I don feel this shampoo is for me, I can say what it is exactly. I will continue my hunt for a natural shampoo that suits me.
23/08/2016, By Tanith-Lea
This is a really gentle shampoo. Gentle on my scalp which usually flakes with most shampoos (even alternative ones). It left my hair feeling softer and more manageable than the previous type I used.
18/08/2016, By Malie
It did not work for me
17/08/2016, By Shay
Not bothered by the very runny texture of this shampoo - we are so brainwashed into thinking shampoos should be thick and creamy!
This definitely does the job - I love it as it cleans my hair so that it lasts for a while before going oily.
I found in using the earthsap shampoos, my hair was becoming too oily very quickly, and had to wash my hair daily.
08/08/2016, By Tamar
Firstly this shampoo smells amazing, secondly I find that it lathers quite well. I put it on my scalp with dry hair and then got into the shower and washed out. my hair felt really clean a bit dry though but Im assuming thats because my hair is used to all cones in the salon brands Ive been using. Will definitely be repurchasing
12/06/2016, By Zelna
This is such a great product! It leaves my hair smooth and shiny but also cleans effectively. After using Hemporium Shampoo my hair doesn even need conditioner and there are no tangles. Also noticed a lot of new hair growing out around my hairline.
29/04/2016, By C Joyce
When i first started using natural hair products, i found that most shampoos left my hair dry and impossible to comb (I have natural curly hair - a nightmare!) After a few months of use, all the silicones and accumulated junk hairdressers love to spread and spray on my hair were gone. I now only wash my hair once a week and theyve never been that healthy. This shampoo cleanses well. No artificial smells. I struggle at first with the dosage using too much. 3 pumps works for me.
09/03/2016, By Ondria
Fine, straight hair: this shampoo is very runny and doesn lather as much as other shampoos but cleans my hair really well and I don have to condition after using - perhaps because it doesn strip my hair like other more lathering shampoos do. It is hands down my favorite shampoo. I was excited to see a special - unfortunately there is no shampoo in stock!
11/12/2015, By Peter S
I must agree with the comments regarding the watery consistency of the shampoo. It took me quite a while to become accustomed to it - having been brainwashed [pun intended] to believe that foam was the cleansing agent..
However, THREE squirts of shampoo, in two latherings, does a fantastic job of cleaning my hair even after 5 - 8 days in the bush. It does not lather much, but once rinsed out, my hair is soft, and feels finer than before.
Coupled with the Hemporium Conditioner, my hair feels much, much better than with ANY commercial shampoo or conditioner.
In longer hair it may demand some adjustment of ones
ormal method of shampooing. But the results - - worth the effort.
21/08/2015, By Karen
I have short hair and I really like this shampoo. It is a bit watery but I squirt it directly on my hair and then it is fine. It leaves my hair lovely and soft.
18/08/2015, By Mike
Agreed to runny. Not a good lather.
17/08/2015, By Ruth
Whilst I generally love your products, I have just started to use the above and they are terrible. They are watery and not very effective. I have long hair and expect to use a little more shampoo and conditioner than most people but Ive used a third of the bottle of shampoo and half the bottle of conditioner on just 2 washes.

This little set back will not stop me buying your products though! I think you have a wonderful site and great products.
15/06/2015, By Joette
I have to use so much of this shampoo to get even a little bit of lather and its so watery it just runs off my head. If only it was thicker.
02/12/2014, By Nicky
Add xanthan gum, and maybe try thick aloe ferox gel, some glycerin or a thick oil such as Nautica castor oil or a pure vitamin e oil.
24/06/2014, By Claudine
I was a bit disappointed with this shampoo.. Washing with this shampoo leaves my coarse hair tangled, dry and in an unmanageable state. Really great ingredients, but just not functional for my hair type. The low viscosity of this shampoo also makes it a non-cost effective product.
15/01/2014, By Elaine
I think this is a great shampoo! I have scalp eczema, and its very gentle on my scalp. It is very watery, but its not really a big problem for me. I squirt a small amount (+- 6 ml) of the shampoo into a 10ml container (cough medicine cap), and from there I pour and lather small amounts of the shampoo onto the palm of my hand. I don really waste any of the shampoo by doing it this way. A 250 ml bottle last me around 6 weeks!
29/12/2013, By Gabriella
This shampoo is FAR too watery. You land up using so much on each wash because it just flows through your fingers like water, so it is thus not cost effective at all. I find that while it certainly does clean my hair, it may be a bit too drying. Will not buy this again and I do not recommend it.
02/08/2013, By Isis
This product is too watery... would be great if it were just a bit more gel like.
06/12/2011, By Marinda
They could realy make the shampoo a little less water-like. There is nothing luxurious about it. It is very good for your hair, but difficult to use. Conditioner is fabulous, though.
04/11/2011, By Amanda
Very runny and had to get used to this. But it really works well - my hair is really shiny and soft. Made me realise how much unnecessary foaming chemicals are in shampoo. Maybe it could be more gel-like to make it easier to get it from your hand onto your hair.
23/10/2011, By hannah
i have got long hair and it is really hard to find a proper shampoo, but i am glad i tried this one, because it is quite good! could be a bit thicker tough!
04/10/2011, By Bronwyn
This shampoo is brilliant! Just splash a few drops onto your scalp, lather and hey-presto; soft shiny locks.
03/10/2011, By Janine
Very runny and I seem to waste at least 20-30% of the bottle trying to get it on my hair and because it barely foams I think that my hair isn’t clean until I rinse it out and get that squeaky clean feel and sound. This shampoo is totally worth it and I will just have to buy 2 bottles every time I order, it still costs less than some chemical laden salon products. I use it with the Just Pure conditioner which smells lovely and doesn’t leave a greasy residue at all.
13/09/2011, By Maritza
The shampoo is very watery but it is brilliant. Foams nicely and leaves you hair squeaky clean.
18/07/2011, By Ingrid
This Shampoo is very runny and took me some to get used to. My hair actually looks great after using it but be warned, that it is like water!
13/06/2011, By Jenny
Comes in a pump action bottle and is so runny that when I squirt it out half of it splashes out of my hand. Would be great if it wasn so watery.
12/06/2011, By Jesse
This is probably the best shampoo I've ever used. The conditioner is great too.
20/05/2011, By Tracy
Very Very watery which I find wasteful as I have to use quite a lot on my long hair. I have started using it on the kids, and it does work very well and smells beautiful.
18/03/2011, By Shannon
Its perfect for dreadlocks - I use about 20 drops of this shampoo mixed in a 500ml plastic water bottle and fill it up with water, shake it up to make it nice and soapy and pour it over my roots of my hair and my longer dreads. Its perfect!
13/03/2011, By ubrie
Im having the BEST hair-day EVER!! Is this product for real?? Finally, no more static! No more lifeless hair! Great volume for my fine hair a beautiful shine... Just LOVE IT!

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