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Nettle Root

plant root

Nettle Root

Other Name(s):

Urtica dioica Root Extract

Urtica dioica is considered native to parts of Asia, Europe and the North American continent. It’s distributed worldwide and is generally considered as an undesirable weed by most gardeners. It has spiny protrusions all along its stems and stalks to deter herbivores, hence its common name: Stinging Nettle.

Is Nettle Root Faithful to Nature?


Nettle Root is a natural ingredient with proven efficacy and a long history of traditional use. It is however, a very powerful ingredient and should only ever be used under the guidance of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Benefits: Why is Nettle Root Used?

Men's Health

Nettle Root Extract may assist with the symptoms of enlarged prostate glands.

Hair Growth

Nettle Root Extract may assist with premature, male pattern alopecia (baldness).

Cardiovascular Benefits

Nettle Root Extract lowers blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels and should be used only under the guidance and advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Combats Allergies

Nettle Root may assist in combating the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Nettle Root is most commonly found in herbal supplements indicated for men’s well being. But it can also be found more rarely in men’s hair care products like natural and herbal hair loss shampoos and conditioners.

Nettle Root Extract is made by harvesting the roots of the Urtica dioica plant, drying them out in the sun or dehydrator and subsequently steeping the plant matter in ethanol.

The USFDA reports in a 2017 paper that the key active phytocompounds thought to be responsible for Nettle Root and Nettle Leaf Extract’s efficacy have not yet been identified.

Nettle Root Extract inhibits the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is thought to be responsible for enlarged prostate glands in older men and is even implicated in male pattern baldness.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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