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Inthusiasm Natural Lipstick Desert Rose

Inthusiasm Natural Lipstick Desert Rose
Inthusiasm Natural Lipstick Desert Rose
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Use this whimsical soft rose for a natural lip colour that will not only cause heads to turn but nourish your skin all day. Long lasting Inthusiasm Natural Lipstick stays where you put it all day, with no fuss and no preservatives. Proud to be the country’s first locally made brand of all-natural makeup, Inthusiasm create mineral make up that is good for the planet and for you, containing no lead, chemicals or preservatives. This cruelty free lipstick is made with a base of natural wax, including beeswax that has a natural UV protection, and other healing botanicals.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

This all-natural lipstick is extremely moisturising, containing no lead, chemicals or preservatives - just pure luscious colour!

Inthusiasm is a South African collection of natural mineral makeup, empowering women to make health-conscious and eco-friendly choices in their daily beauty routines.

Inthusiasm products are:

  • Made with naturally extracted minerals and other natural Ingredients
  • Long-wearing
  • Allergen-free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Cruelty-free, no animal testing involved
  • Nourishing and hydrating for the skin
  • Breathable
  • Easy to apply
  • UVB and UVA resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Composed of minerals that cannot support bacteria

Inthusiasm makeup works to enhance your health and beauty rather than simply covering up your skin; the mineral ingredients provide nourishment, hydration and protection while still allowing the skin to breathe. Forget those chemical-laden concealers and stay gorgeous with help from Mother Nature. Inthusiasm is proud to be the country’s first locally made brand of all-natural makeup; browse our online selection and choose your favourite colours.


Inthusiasm lipsticks are completely natural with ingredients of Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, ozokerite, Vitamin E, Lanolin, Mica, Titanium Dioxide & Iron Oxides

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 70 reviews

66 out of 70 people would recommend this product

23/10/2023, By Claire
Lovely and natural lipstick which is just the right colour for my lips. It also stays moisturised for a while, so it definitely works well for me.
08/10/2023, By Lisa
This lipstick has such a nice natural colour. It enhances the colour of the lips with a bit of a pinkish touch. I love that the lipstick doesn't smell like non-natural lipstick does. The texture is smooth and non-greasy.
22/06/2023, By Monique
My favourite colour in the range! Long-lasting, great quality natural lipstick.
03/04/2023, By Shelley
Sadly the colour is far too pale for my skin tone, and over pearly for my liking. I thought it looked darker on my computer screen. Not worth paying for a courier to return it, so will probably just use it to mix up colours
01/11/2022, By Darell
Iwonderfull product.Love the colour.Definatly a favourite.
28/08/2022, By Jenny
I love the shimmer, and the colour. It's a good "swipe and go" always confident it looks good! One with a slightly deeper shade but the same colour would also be appealing.
06/06/2022, By christelle
This lipstick is amazing. This dusty rose is a great highlight and topper. It is smooth and comfortable on the lips. Will try other shades. (I bought it as a gift for my mom and she loves it too)
10/03/2022, By Brigitte
I was pleasantly surprised when I received this lipstick; I liked the texture and the colour was perfect. It’s the first time I’ve tried a ‘natural’ lipstick and the first time I’ve bought one online. HOWEVER, I have had a severe reaction whenever I use it.. My lips become swollen and red with a burning sensation every single time I use this lipstick. I have never had this reaction before, and I’m so disappointed as this product is supposed to be ‘natural’ and allergy free? It makes me question exactly what ingredients have been used to create such a reaction? Very disappointed!
P.S. I’m still able to use other non natural lipsticks without a problem.
07/02/2022, By Jean
Colour didn't match the description so wasn't what I expected. But not a bad colour. Doesn't dry my lips. Long lasting color.
07/02/2022, By Jean
Colour didn't match the description so wasn't what I expected. But not a bad colour. Doesn't dry my lips. Long lasting color.
28/11/2021, By Brenda
Only lipstick I now use. Love it. It lasts so well
02/02/2021, By Reshni
Did not suit my skin tone. Colour on website was quite different to the actual product and had too much shimmer in it that should have been noted in the description. Should have models wearing the colour to give a more accurate reflection of the colour since lip colour is such a personal choice and taste. Disappointed but will try to mix with other colors so that it's not a waste.
12/01/2021, By Devashnie

Nice colour but does not suit my skintone. I am mixing this with the Maroom lip liner. Looks good. Goodbye allergies. Wish FTN could send me some samples to try out before making my purchase
23/10/2020, By T
Very pigmented, love the shade
11/10/2020, By Sandi
Love the colour and texture of this lipstick!
29/09/2020, By Jenny
I have a fair complexion. I love the natural colour and I love the shimmer, I have a few other Inthusiasm colours but this is the only one I use. It's perfect for me.
17/09/2020, By Simone
I really like it! It's a bit more pink than I was expecting, but it's still a very nice, subtle colour. My only complaint is that this lipstick can be very drying.
04/09/2020, By TatyM
Have been using this particular color for years and it’s one my essentials. Lips are nicely moisturized and I don’t have any reaction to it.
My sister recommended me this brand many years ago as we both struggled to find cosmetics for our hypersensitive skins, and it’s never disappointed
08/08/2020, By Linda
Love this product. The colour is exactly as advertised, it’s the only lipstick I have bought that stays on past the first mug of tea. Going natural works.
02/07/2020, By Arina
Better quality than most secular product out there. Last long and the color was a bit lighter than on the picture but still very nice.
26/06/2020, By Lili
Was really excited for this colour, but I found it a bit too shimmery. Great product though
08/05/2020, By Wafiqa
Love the rosy color
14/04/2020, By B
Dark and dignified colour.
05/04/2020, By Nicolene
The only lipstick I am using at the moment.
25/02/2020, By Ashley
Nice colour - not as dark as in the image, but works well for me - as I wanted a more natural colour.
It's quite sparkly though, would prefer a matt texture to it.
07/01/2020, By Helper
24/12/2019, By Tiekie
Would prefer the colour without the "pinkish shimmer." Matt works better for the over 40's.
11/12/2019, By Rosemary
I am very happy with this lipstick, the colour is perfect!
27/11/2019, By Brenda
Just love this product - leaves lips moist and stays on for hours!
24/11/2019, By Cat
Love this cosmetic range and the lipsticks are great. However, second time I bought a lipstick online that is different from the colour on the website.
08/11/2019, By VERONICA
Nice lipstick but the color is quite different from the picture. This is a VERY LIGHT lipstick, not really suitable for brunettes! And lots of sparkle in it. Just be aware when buying it that it is light. Otherwise happy with the feel, and lasting power!
16/07/2019, By Jenny
This is an essential basic shade for me (i have lightish complexion). Specially for summer. In winter I like to mix it sometimes with a darker shade. I love the slight shimmer. It's natural yet a bit more than natural. Moist and stays on. Thumbs up!
26/05/2019, By Bronwen
My friend bought this as a gift for me. I adore it! Definitely the best lipstick out there
11/05/2019, By Kirsten
This is such a nice day lipstick, it does have a shimmer/frosted undertone but I love it-it’s moisturizing and feels so comfortable, it’s my fav!!! Smooth texture too.
19/03/2019, By Claire
This is my all time favourite lipstick from FTN because it's a natural product from Inthusiasm, but also because it keeps my lips moist and the colour stays on really well. I also love the colour. Of all the colours I've purchased, this one is the best.
18/03/2019, By Lizani
I like the colour. It lasts long. very happy!
27/01/2019, By Joette
I wasn't expecting it to be so frosted and shimmery. It's VERY frosted. But i do like the formula of this lipstick. It's very long lasting and not drying. It's worth trying a different colour.
02/01/2019, By Lizette
I am on the fence on this one. The colour is not what I expected, but it stays on and doesn't dry out my lips.
05/12/2018, By Keen
I loved this colour. I have very pale skin and this is a soft pink, very natural.
04/12/2018, By Chantal
This is by far my favourite shade of Inthusiasm lipstick - I have fair, pinkish tone and this is a great, natural colour with just enough shimmer. Can wear it all year round. Also, not all the shades are as moist.
03/12/2018, By Monique
Love this colour - not too dark and not too light. The lipstick applies smoothly and lasts a fair amount of time.
25/11/2018, By Arddy
I like the texture of this lipstick and am glad to be using a product that is free of toxins.
23/11/2018, By Abigail
This was moisturising and nice texture but far too metallicy for mature lips.
18/10/2018, By Gillian
Soft, easy applying natural lipstick and last a while on the lips and beautiful natural tone.
15/10/2018, By Claire
Because I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis I've been told that I need to only use organic or natural products on my face. That goes for lipsticks too! I found this lipstick to be really lovely and the big plus for me is it does not dry out my lips like all the other lipsticks on the market. I guess we don't realise how good organic/natural is until we use it.
30/08/2018, By Freshnu
Just ok, the colour does not really look good on me but I like the feel.
21/08/2018, By Charmaine
I absolutely love this lipstick! I purchased Earth color about a year ago, it is still going, lasts so long, I use it everyday! Always get complimented. So I thought I would try the desert rose this time and wow! It is my perfect summer color! I thought I could not find better than Earth but this one is just as good, the color is simply gorgeous!!! really loving it! Both are very moisturizing which is a must! Thank you Inthusiasm and FTN!
06/08/2018, By Ansie
It is a browny pinky colour. Kind of shimmery.
06/08/2018, By Angelique
I purchased the desert rose color and I'm very happy with it! It is of good quality and lasts long. Will definitely be purchasing more colors.
31/07/2018, By Marietjie
Absolutely lovely color. Stays moist for a long time before it settles like the "stay fast 24 hour" kind I am use to. Still need to see how long it lasts.
02/06/2018, By Jen
I love this lipstick with my light complexion. The colour goes with absolutely everything; I use a touch of Aya Balm on my lips if my lips feel dry, and sometimes I add the dark coral shade if I want a little more colour. But it's a winner, I will always use it.
22/05/2018, By Tracy
Lovely colour. I've tried a different shade before that was very shiny (not my style), so I was a bit nervous of this, but it's a lovely pink, much more matte colour. Definitely a winner!
15/05/2018, By Celina
Lovely colour. I always battle to find a suitable colour for lips that's not too dark. This one is perfect and feels soft and luxurious.
04/05/2018, By Jana
It is a lovely soft color with a nice sparkle/glitter - if you like a bit of sheen. But it does nothing for my tanned skin, dark hair & eyes. Probably more suited to muted/soft complexions - Soft Autumn.
11/04/2018, By Mary
I love this lipstick and am so excited to have found a brand of natural makeup that works and is locally made. The colour works really well for my fair skin and is a great every day lipstick. It can get a bit dry some times but can be paired with lip balm. I also like using the Inthusiasm liquid lipstick in a pale colour on top for a bit of shimmer
16/03/2018, By Sam
Lovely colour and feels amazing on lips
26/01/2018, By Jen
I love this lipstick. It stays on longer than commercial ones as well; I like to use a touch of Aya Balm underneath as it's a bit dry on my lips, and if I want a slightly darker look then I just apply a dash of a darker shade on top. Nice natural shade without being bland.
11/12/2017, By Taryn
Bought the Desert Rose colour and I'm so happy with it. Never thought I'd find a natural lipstick that I liked.The colour is great for fair skins.
01/12/2017, By Penny
I personally liked the colour, very delicate. Also lasts well.
16/11/2017, By Kerry
An affordable, natural lipstick. Not quite the colour I expected, but then it’s difficult to choose colors online. Versatile. Light shimmery colour - Nice for daily wear.
21/09/2017, By Lauren
Stunning. Thank you!
17/07/2017, By Janneke
Long lasting colour
26/06/2017, By Alweri
I really don't experience than this NATURAL lipstick and any other good quality lipsticks I used to use. Lovely colour that goes with everything I wear and love the fact that it is all natural and I can accidently lick my lips without worrying about what toxins I might be swallowing!
31/10/2016, By Ilze
I was a bit disappointed when I received this lipstick. Color is a bit apricot and I was hoping it would have a more dark pinkish undertone. It is a bit more moisturizing than the Earth color and I will continue using it.
20/06/2016, By Brenda
Love these lipsticks, have quite a collection now and am very pleased with all of them
03/06/2016, By Anita
Great lip colour. Its creamy, goes on smoothly and lasts well. I am very impressed with this product. And it is a good price too! The Desert Rose shade is a little more apricot/orange than I expected, so I will order a more Pink shade next time. It is always difficult to chose a colour from an online chart. That is not a problem, as I needed an Apricot lip colour too.
29/05/2016, By Tarryn
This lipstick is fabulous!!! Doesn dry your lips out and lasts long! Definitely recommend it:-) great colour!
12/05/2016, By Ninette
Im so impressed with this product, perfect texture and colour, luxurious feel and it lasts. Im hooked and so proud that I am using natural proudly SA make-up!

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