Wake Up to the Wonders of Waterwise Products

Approximately 71% of your planet’s surface is covered in water; your own body is made of around 65% water; simply put, water is life! There’s really nothing like quenching your thirst with a tall glass of sparkling-fresh water; sadly, with so many chemicals in our environment today, the water you drink isn’t as pure as you might think. That’s why companies like *Waterwise Inc. are dedicated to doing what they do – creating state-of-the-art water purification products, to help you and your loved ones enjoy the cleanest and healthiest water possible.


Countertop Water Distillers

Waterwise Purification Systems work to filter all sorts of harsh chemicals, heavy metals and germs out of your water, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Microbes
  • Sodium
  • Viruses
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)


There are so many uses for this ultra-pure filtered water; cooking and cleaning, watering your plants, filling up your home aquarium, freezing into ice cubes or mixing with baby formula. And of course it’s the best source of healthy hydration for your family and pets.

Faithful to Nature stocks 3 different Waterwise countertop filter models; each one is compact, sleek and designed to fit seamlessly into your home. These water distillers are lightweight, durable and travel easily, so you can even take them on holiday with you!


Showerwise Shower Water Filter

Your body can absorb more chlorine from 1 minute in the shower, than from drinking 8 glasses of that same water! Luckily, the Showerwise filter will wash away those chlorine worries. This little beauty removes a whopping 95% of chlorine from your shower water. That means you get water that’s softer and gentler on your hair and skin, and won’t trigger troublesome allergies. Showerwise also reduces heavy metals and bacteria, so your shower water is much healthier – and as a bonus, your shower will stay clean and mildew-free for longer.

Did You Know?

  • Only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water; the remaining 97% is ocean water.
  • LESS THAN 1% of the fresh water on Earth is available for consumption! That just goes to show how very important it is to care for this precious resource.


Learn more about water and how to conserve it, by visiting Rand Water’s environmental initiative, Water Wise.

*Not to be confused with environmental initiative waterwise.co.za

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