Robyn’s Top Picks: Water-Wise favourites

Wisdom tells us that we will never know the worth of water until the well is dry, and while this applies to almost everything in life, this particular metaphor is clanging for me right now. Without water we literally have nothing. It is the essence of all life on Earth. And this makes it, regardless of our varying belief systems, worthy of our respect and reverence.

Plastic free beginnings to the weekend

With a healthy, clean source of water in our land and in our bodies we have the opportunity to thrive, but a polluted well undermines everything that relies on it, which is pretty much everything!

So in respect to the one thing none of us can live without, and because I also believe we are all starting to integrate the simple truth that one of the greatest treasures on our planet is a sip of sweet, pure and fresh water, I wanted to share my favourite products that all honour this in some way.

1. Delicious activated charcoal love

After years of filtering water, I have become so sensitive to highly chlorinated water that I can smell the difference between tap and filtered water. So, I guess it’s not surprising that we have 2 water filters in our house – one for our bedroom and one for our kitchen.

This is the newest kid on the block and is absolutely fabulous! Not only does it do a fantastic job at filtering your water, but it puts backs essential minerals too and once you have used your piece of charcoal for 3 months, it doubles up as a waste-free fertiliser for your garden. What’s not to love, right? Plus, its also very versatile as the charcoal filter can be added to any container or your choice, or even your dogs water bowl as you will read from an ingenious customer’s review.

My Kuro-Bo hard at work

2. The steady staple – Stefani water filter

Stefani is one of the most trusted and established brands on the market, and we have been using and loving our stunning filter for years now. I especially love that the clay container keeps your water cool and fresh, no matter how the sun is blazing outside.

3. Travel friendly mineral-rich water

This is a fantastic travel companion and is especially useful if you are boiling your water before drinking it, as a few drops of this revitalises your water with often missing minerals and trace elements due to modern farming methods. When you really think of how much our bodies need water, it makes perfect sense to be drinking the healthiest water you can. Water is life and good water is good health!

4. A hiker’s water filtration dream

This is especially handy for those that like to venture into our beautiful mountains and parks. You can either fill up the pouch that comes with the filter or screw the filter onto your water bottle.

5. Water-wise gadget must have 

I absolutely adore innovative and simple gadgets that show us all how easy it can be to make your home just that much-more eco-conscious. There is a full range of items out there – big and small – that can make you a wise water user.

6. Don’t flush it all away

Talking about simple eco innovations that makes it so much easier for us to all do our bit – look no further than our save a flush bags. Did you know that if just 1% of South Africans uses the Save-A-Flush, about 200 million litres of water can be saved annually. Truly, it should be law for all businesses and homes to use these.

7. Pimp your water the healthy way

Our whole family loves pure water, as is, but these are great as a sugar-free treat for my son when he wants flavoured water on special occasions. For any of you that need a little incentive to drink more water, look no further than sweet leaf which comes in 7 different flavours.

8. Wax on, wax off and do no harm

It would just kill me to use wax on my surf board that hurts our oceans, and with more and more organic and non-toxic options available there really is no rhyme or reason for all water athletes not to invest in products like the Matuna Organic Surf Wax!


9. Make a powerful commitment to waste free living

I’m pretty sure you know the stats by now – it is expected that if we continue as we are the total mass of plastic in the ocean will outweigh that of fish by 2050. A truly shocking statistic. Single use plastic is just insane. Truly maddening stuff! Be a cool Earth citizen and do your bit to ditch the straw, the bag and the single use coffee cup or water bottle with these awesome products.

Sipping smoothies through glass straws <3

I hope my top picks for water conscious living inspire you to savour and enjoy every drop. Every single decision you make towards waste free and water wise living has a far bigger ripple effect than you might realise. And this Earth can use every good ripple effect it can get.

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