CrystaLife Minerals

CrystaLife Minerals
CrystaLife Minerals
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  • 25ml or 100ml

CrystaLife Minerals are made by Definitive Water, for you to add back all the natural goodness that should be in our drinking water. Full of essential minerals that you would find in natural water sources, CrystaLife consists of two essential components which are combined under sterile and controlled laboratory conditions. These are Micro-structured Ultra-purified water, and Infused Essential mineral and trace element electrolyte composition. Many essential minerals and trace elements have been added to CrystaLife Electrolyte concentration formula, and due to modern agricultural methods and the decreasing quality of our water it is essential to add these back to our drinking water.

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Price From: R62.00

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Choose from 25ml or 100ml of CrystaLife Electrolyte concentration formula.

Because our bodies are made up of between 80-90% water, and we need to top up on water every single day, not only for waste removal but for essential hydration, research has shown that the quality of water you intake is crucial for all bodily processes to take place efficiently and effectively. Research (eg, in crystallisation) has also shown that the difference between normal tap water (which has been chemically treated, recycled and bleached) and water that comes from a living water source (such as a high mountain natural stream or pool) is essentially very different in structure, elemental mineral construction and in resultant application. Doing a simple experiment using these different waters on two equally aged and similar type plants will prove this point very easily. The micro-structured water component goes through 11 phases of purification, reduction, addition and phasing.

Because of modern agricultural methods and due to the decreasing quality of our water (including high dosages of chemicals that make it relatively safe to drink) we find ourselves compelled to add food and nutritional supplements to our diet, just to be able to operate at a fairly constant and acceptable level. Many essential minerals and trace elements have been added to CrystaLife Electrolyte concentration formula,

The potential advantages of using CrystaLife include not only an increase in hydration during testing, but but customers have confirmed that as a supplement added to their purified drinking water, they experience:

  • A decrease in headaches,
  • A decrease in levels of fatigue
  • A marked decrease in constipation
  • A decrease in pain of the joints
  • A decrease in incidents of dry skin
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Increased levels of concentration
  • Increased levels of endurance
  • Marked reduction of cramping when doing strenuous exercise and sport
  • Increased levels of immunity due to better hydration and cellular processes


It is preferable to add CrystaLife to water that has been properly filtered or purified in order to enjoy optimum efficacy.

Because the composition of CrystaLife is completely natural, there can be no harm in exceeding the dosage, as the body will merely excrete what it does not use.

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03/10/2017, By Clarinda
This stuff is great. I often get cramps, but when using this they are gone. You don't taste it in the water, and you can use as much as you need without worry.

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