Volcanic Clay as a Natural Skin Remedy

Volcanic clay produces some amazing and miraculous results. This is proven through its use by many different cultures over thousands of years, and also by the countless testimonials of happy modern users who have personally felt skin revitalizing effects of this natural remedy.

It started like this… and the five elements played their part for millions of years, until now.

This is one of the purest natural skin beautifiers in the world. It is a pure, volcanic clay powder, created deep, deep within the earth and found in an ancient rich deposit of very powerful minerals, organically created, and untouched for millions of years.

Historically, clay has been used both as an external and internal cleanser by cultures as geographically diverse as Australian aboriginals, South and North American Indians and Central African tribesmen. It has been known by many names, such as “the mud that heals”, which is how the North American Plains Indians referred to it.

Classic texts going back to Greek and Roman times mention its use as a natural remedy for skin problems as diverse as acne, eczema and psoriasis or simply for attaining a glowing, beautiful skin. Galen, for instance, one of the most famous physicians of antiquity, mentions many successful cases of both the external and internal use of clay. (Dr. H. Van Der Loos, The Miracles of Jesus, Leiden, the Netherlands, Brill, 1965.)

In more modern times, it has been used in the famous health spas of Europe which were frequented by the rich and noble, going back to before the time of the French Revolution.

So, as Ran Knishinsky simply wrote in his book “The Clay Cure”: “The clay facial mask deep-cleans pores, exfoliates dead cells, and leaves the problem skin feeling soft and clean. It stimulates skin circulation and has an astringent action on sagging tissues. The facial muscles become toned from the application of the clay mask.” Lucky for us, this was a known fact for centuries.

Whilst the science behind the healing qualities of clay can be very dense and may sound complicated at times, it brings us to this: As you go through life, you are constantly being exposed to toxins (which cause problem skin, i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis and others), both internally through what you consume and externally, through what your skin comes into contact with. Your body is constantly involved in a process of trying to get rid of these toxins. Clay assists the body powerfully in this elimination process.

The natural miracle of the clay is that it’s 3-D honeycomb-like structure and the associated negative electrical charge are such that it attracts the toxins to itself. The clay mineral ions are mostly negatively charged and are swapped for the ions of the toxic substance, which in turn are for the most part positive. In terms of electrical charges, opposites attract. This means that the clay can draw toxins as varied as chemicals and mercury.

A very simplified analogy would be: The clay acts as a magnet, which attracts these impurities, absorbs them and taxis them effortlessly out of your skin or out of your body. Scientific research thus backs up what the cultures of the world have known experientially for thousands of years. Absolute SPA Products are based on these ancient natural principles.

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