Coconut Monday: A vanilla protein powder coconut smoothie

The long list of coconut related health benefits, mainly due to their lovely energy giving and brain calming medium-chain-fatty-acids, is enough to make anyone ramp up their intake. But if you haven’t been ingesting coconuts in abundance like those living in the South Pacific, the taste may take some getting used to. Now marry it with some delicious Vanilla Wazoogles,and the creamy delight of almond milk and you have yourself one rather decadent treat. Give this fruit infused recipe from the nice guys at Wazoogles a whirl.



  1. With a sharp knife, cut into your coconut (we would suggest you do this outside as it can get a little messy)
  2. Once opened, pour the fresh coconut water in to a glass for step two. Wash coconut out, and set aside of mixture.
  3. Place all ingredients into a blender, blitz and pour directly into your fresh coconut.
  4. Add chopped fresh fruit and have yourself a tropical breakfast packed full of nutrients.
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