Treating Eczema the Holistic Way

Treating eczema for good requires a holistic approach, as this troublesome skin condition is so often a symptom of imbalance. The ever-increasing influx of harsh synthetic chemicals in our daily environment is having a very real influence on the rise of eczema; our bodies are taking strain, but as we’ve seen over and over again, when we commit to making that switch to natural cleaning solutions and beauty products, miracles really can happen. Here’s a look at the most effective changes you can make today, that will make rashes, itching, irritation and eczema a thing of the past.

Natural Eczema Treatments

Our Faithful customers had this to say about our natural eczema remedies:

Earthsap Calendula Hand & Body Lotion

“Bought the calendula body lotion for my daughters’ eczema/dry skin and it cleared up after one application!” – Delia

Aya Balm

“I have a small eczema patch on my hand, and I have tried almost everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. I used this balm only for a few days, and now the patch is gone!” – Elaine

Crede Coconut Oil

“I have 2 kids with severe eczema (4years and 1 year old) as well as my husband. Ever since using the coconut oil to replace all lotions and creams, they have improved a lot! I can’t stop telling everyone about how amazing it is!” – Anja


Better Earth Dishwashing Liquid

“I absolutely love this dishwashing liquid. It cleans brilliantly, it has a great smell and best of all its gently on my eczema prone hands!! I wash all my babies bottles with this and hot water and my hands are still fine after all the washing.” – Jolene


Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream

“This aqueous cream is wonderful. My baby has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema and this aqueous cream is gentle enough for her.” – Liesl


Trevarno Calendula Soap

This soap treats eczema brilliantly! I don even need to use any creams with it, just using it for a few days when the eczema comes up clears it.” – Lauren

“As a sufferer of eczema/dermatitis on my hands I have problems using soaps & detergents but the Calendula and Camomile soaps not only do not irritate the skin, using them has meant not using them has meant I don’t have to use my stereoid cream because of the calming anti-inflammatory effect the soaps have. If you have sensitive skin these soaps are BRILLIANT!” – Sonja

Trevarno Calendula Ointment

“This ointment has soothed and healed the dry eczema around my eyes quicker than any other product I’ve ever used!” – Brenda


Pure Simple Stain-Go Citrus Soap

“I am very impressed with this soap. Its gentle enough to use on my babys garments (she suffers from eczema, so we only use natural products on all skin and clothing), but removes stains effectively.” – Liesl


Hemptons Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

“This hemp oil is a brilliant product. Our entire family takes it as a cancer preventative. It is also very good for the skin and has sorted my eczema out nicely.” – Carmen


Tangerine & Rose Massage Oil

“This oil is great for adding to the bath if you have eczema. I think it may be the combination of various oils that makes the difference. I use about 1tsp in the bath and the whole body gets covered so I never miss any spots! The scent is sooo divine!” – Rozlynn


Honey & Propolis Eczema Cream

“We were in South Africa for a holiday over Christmas and my 2 year old daughter was having trouble with eczema (it is worse here in Canada over the winter). Somebody suggested finding a honey propolis cream. Ive been using it faithfully and her eczema is almost completely gone. Where it had been the most troublesome is where there are still a few small patches but even those seem to be on there way out. I wish I had bought a suitcase full of this lotion while in SA. Will have trouble finding a product as good here in Canada!” – Kerry

Tissue Salts for Eczema

Eczema also rises from nutritional and emotional imbalance, and this is where our pure natural tissue salts can really help.

Product Packs for Eczema

Our natural eczema product packs have got it all:

Basic Eczema Pack

A 7-part pack that treats eczema inside and out: Includes natural laundry liquid, fabric softener, gotu kola supplement, coconut oil, tissue salts, beeswax ointment and goat’s milk soap.

Deluxe Eczema Pack

An amazing holistic product pack for combating eczema’s symptoms and causes. Includes our Trevarno calendula soap and ointment, Oh-Lief aqueous cream, gotu kola supplement, tissue salts, natural laundry detergent and omega oil blend.

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