Top Repurposing Ideas from our Facebook Page This Month

A LOT happens on our facebook page, but one of the subjects that we explore quite regularly is ideas for upcycling and repurposing goods. Consumerism has become a bad and very dangerous habit in our society and we hope to inspire our fans with new ways of looking at goods that have the potential to end up in a landfill. Also we believe that applying a little love and creativity to the décor and functional items in your house, creates a deeper space of love to thrive in.

These are the highlights but we have hundreds of other examples in our repurposing album which you can view here. If you like what you see, join our group by liking our page.


Upcycle on old lamp with unused or misfit buttons.


Beautify your garden with a hanging basket of flowers.


Turn old tank tops into bags.

Make your own Bird Feeders from used paint cans.

Don’t buy a new couch if you can find clean pallet – makes for a nifty bookcase under the couch too.


Turn an old wagon into a book trolley.


Your kids may have outgrown their plastic toys; but the character and sentiment of the toys can still be used to make a really fun and creative necklace hanger.


Reuse and make beautiful! This is a toilet paper roll covered in fabric to hold extension cords, etc.

Spray paint a metal trash can and flip it over for instant side table …

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