Tissue Salts – Get Your Balance Back

Tissue salts, also known as “cell salts” or “biochemistry salts”, are the same minerals that are found in rocks; soil and naturally in the human body. This is why an imbalance of certain salts creates the potential for illness and disease and why supplementing with tissue salts is so beneficial.

Unfortunately South African soil, like most of the world, is completely depleted of minerals and so when we harvest food from this soil; so too is our food deplete of essential cell salts. It is why in fact, doctors believe we have so many immune diseases here.

Eva Schoenfeld of the Academy of Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis shares:

“The British Institute of Science in Society in London did much research regarding the mineral selenium and discovered very interesting geographical connections. Most notably, they found that the soil of the whole southern hemisphere is actually devoid of zinc, magnesium and selenium – the latter being one of the most crucial natural immune boosters. They also compared this situation to the North-African country Senegal, and found that their soil is very rich in selenium, and it is fact that immune diseases and many other ailments and syndromes are almost unknown there.”

Added to the issue of poor soil is our hectic lifestyles and environmental pollution by way of the air we breathe; electronics we surround ourselves with and the water we drink and bathe in.

But with the correct amount of tissue salts the body can heal itself and be bought back into balance. And for the females out there – as we heal our own bodies, so do we heal future generations as tissue salt deficiencies are passed onto our babies as missing minerals don’t get replaced.

So you may ask, why don’t my vitamins restore any tissue salt imbalance?  Actually the more absent your cells are of minerals the less you can absorb your vitamins and supplements. In fact if your cells are not adequately mineral-enriched; the supplements will rather become a stress factor for the cells, which are missing the minerals for their intra- and extra-cellular balance to pave a smooth entry for the vitamins and other substances.

There are 12 basic tissue salts that can be used on their own, or in recommended combinations, to treat a very wide variety of ailments:

  • Number 1: Calc fluor  – Tissue elasticity restorer. Stretch marks, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and muscular soreness. Promotes strong tooth enamel.
  • Number 2: Calc phos   – Cell restorer. Low vitality and indigestion. Promotes the development of bones, blood, muscles and glands. Useful also for anaemia; teething; panic attacks.
  • Number 3: Calc sulf   –  Blood purifier, purulent agent. Skin aliments, pimples and slow healing wounds. Also great for pigmentation
  • Number 4: Ferr phos   – Anti-inflammatory. Inflammation, fevers, sore throats, anaemia and muscular aches. Promotes strength in the blood vessels and arteries.
  • Number 5: Kali mur  – Detoxifying agent. Congestion, colds, coughs and respiratory ailments. Also useful for candida; warts; nausea.
  • Number 6: Kali phos   – Nerve and brain cell agent . Nervous tension, depression and irritability. May help with insomnia and lack of energy. Generally recommended in times of stress and tension. Can also be used for halitosis.
  • Number 7: Kali sulf    – Metabolism, pancreas conditioner. Skin problems, brittle nails and poor hair condition. So great for, hair loss; dandruff; athletes foot.
  • Number 8: Mag phos  – Pain and cramp killer. Muscular cramps, spasms, spasmodic pains or shooting pains, colic and flatulence. Sometimes used for carpal tunnel and also useful for  fear; exam nerves; migraines; hiccoughs.
  • Number 9: Nat mur    – Water distributor. Swollen ankles, heartburn, regulating moisture for dry skin, colds and cravings for salty foods. Also good for eczema and cold sores.
  • Number 10: Nat phos    – Acidity neutraliser. Excess acidity, stomach upsets or heartburn. Can be used for  constipation; worms; hot sweats and gout.
  • Number 11: Nat sulf    – Liver cleanser. Fluid retention, eczema and colds. Also for hot sweats and jaundice.

But it is recommendable to read in detail about each tissue salt, as each number does far more. Or just type your ailment into our search bar  and it will display all our products that can assist you.

Why did we choose Allisone Tissue Salts you may ask? These tissue salt blends have been carefully formulated to contain 100% value of each of the tissue salts used. Allisone tissue salts are triturated by hand, and the new synergies take up to seven times the work compared to the individual salts. While they are prepared in accordance with traditional biochemic methods, unlike other tissue salts on the market Allisone uses a sugar-free and lactose-free base, with no animal derivatives. They are friendly to teeth and blood sugar levels, and are suitable for everyone.

Anyone can use tissue salts, even infants and animals. They are very safe; inexpensive, but always check with your doctor beforehand.

All tissue salts be combined with each other and taken throughout the day. Although, you should not take more than three tablets at once, as the capacity of absorption is limited.

  • Lelethup
    Posted at 21:43h, 12 April Reply

    do u have tissue salts for diabetics

  • Sonia Taylor
    Posted at 10:04h, 04 September Reply

    I find Tissue Salts really works. If I have the beginnings of a sore throat or the sniffs I take No’s 3, 4 and 7 together and repeat every half hour for 3 times and by the next day I’m fine. Also take no 4 when I can’t fall asleep or am irritable. I do find Tissue Salts cause me to become constipated though…

  • Elisabeth wenk
    Posted at 10:38h, 23 November Reply

    Have got faccia problems as a result of an accident 30 years ago

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