The Story of Our Water…

As many might be aware, our tap water is not ideal. Although we are fortunate enough to be able to drink some of the best tap water in the world, or to afford extra filtration systems in our homes, this precious resource could be offering our bodies a lot more than it currently is.

Our planet’s fresh water supply is in a catastrophic state and we are increasingly relying on a closed system of recycled water. Recycled tap-water typically passes through several different people’s bodies before you drink it. And when excreted into the municipal water treatment system it can carry hormone and drug residues from contraceptives, anti-biotics, anti-retrovirals, tranquilizers etc, which mix with heavy metals, pesticides and other industrial pollutants as well as disease-causing micro-organisms.

In addition, tap water has to pass through kilometres of pipes under unnatural pressure which destroys its fragile, crystalline structure.

Chlorine is typically used to disinfect our water supply and to kill the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Effective? Mostly, but chlorine also reacts with organic matter in the water to form Disinfection By-Products, or DBPs, which have been linked to damaging effects to heart, lungs, kidneys, cancers and even birth defects.

In addition, our drinking water is fluoridated, a highly controversial practice and has been linked to thyroid problems, cancer and osteoporosis.

So it’s not surprising that, despite the well-meaning assurances of our water authorities, health-conscious consumers have been increasingly turning to home filtration systems and/or bottled waters.

BUT whilst water filters, reverse osmosis, ionization and distillation units provide a vital first line of defence against viral and bacterial contamination, and also remove chlorine and fluoride from the water. The problem is that they also remove a whole lot more of the good stuff from water – minerals, energy and oxygen which results in an aggressive, often acidic liquid that actually leaches minerals from the body. They also force the water to surrender its crystalline structure.

As a result you are left with lifeless water. We call it sad water.

And this is where the quest for perfectly happy water comes in.
Happy Water is a concentrated colloidal solution of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt in ultra-purified water that has been re-energized, re-vitalized and re-oxygenated. We call it Living Water (others call it structured or primordial water), a return to the pristine, life-giving essence that flowed through ancient rivers and glaciers long before Man began to wreak havoc on the planet’s fragile resources.
Unlike bottled water, happy water re-vitalizes, re-oxygenates and re-energizes sad, lifeless water, and then re-mineralizes it with over 80 minerals and trace elements, imbuing it with the life-giving vibrational energies and the elemental balance of primordial, Living Water.

What are the benefits of drinking this Living Water?

The human body is 70% water. You could say we are water and that we truly are what we drink. Hence, the quest for happy water.

From a narrow bio-chemical view, water is just hydrogen and oxygen clumped together. But, seen from an holistic health and bio-physical perspective, there’s much more to water than just H20. Living Water resonates with energy from the sun, reveals exquisite crystalline structures reflecting its vitality, is saturated with oxygen and contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements.
Water that is pure, energized, oxygen- and mineral-rich can play a vital role in promoting health through:

  • Improved hydration and restoring of the body’s mineral balance
  • More efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen directly into the cells
  • Faster intra- and extra-cellular detoxification and removal of waste products

It’s the very stuff of life, and Happy Water has been developed to make it easy for you to make Living Water part of your daily life.

So how do I use it?

  • One bottle (50ml) of Happy Water will make approx 60 litres of re-vitalized, re-energized and re-mineralized water. That’s a month’s supply, assuming you drink around 2 litres of water a day (Are you? You should be).
  • Add 4-5 drops of Happy Water to a clean glass and then top up with purified, chlorine-free water (250 ml) that you will be able to get from your filtration system.
  • Adding the Happy Water drops first ensures rapid diffusion.
  • Never add Happy Water to plain tap water. The water must be chlorine-free. You can use water that has been filtered, distilled, ionized or purified through reverse osmosis. Or use bottled water (preferably mineral-free and in glass bottles).
  • You can also make a single morning “booster” by using 24 drops in a glass of water (preferably on an empty stomach).
  • You can also squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the water as this will further alkalize it and help balance your body’s pH.

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