From miracle wound curing balm to an entire herbal beauty range: The story behind Dr Konopka

We’ve recently added Dr Konopka’s range of incredible skin and beauty products to our shelves and couldn’t wait to share this awesome brand story with you. The good doctor devoted his life to understanding how herbs can be used to heal with much of his research and recipes now preserved in these wonderfully rejuvenating balms. But who was this Dr Konopka? Well, we thought you might ask. So, here’s the background check on your soon to be new favourite body and hair range.

Roots and origins

Dr Konopka was an Estonian doctor who devoted his entire life to studying herbs and plants. Based on his findings he created not only medicines but also tools for beautiful hair and skin. The doctor travelled a fair amount, studying recipes and collecting the corresponding plant material. He was based in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, but also visited many other European cities.

Growing a brand

In 1931 Dr Konopka opened his own pharmacy in Tallinn, where he began to sell medicines, creams and soaps based on the herbs he sourced and studied. The natural oils for hair were very popular, in particular, No. 37 against dandruff or oil No. 52 for dry hair. Later, these oils would be included in the shampoos. His products and creams were highly regarded, in particular, the wound healing cream. This one was so popular that he would deliver it by truck to neighbouring towns. It is said his products only made their way onto pharmacy shelves once his wife approved of their efficacy.

dr konopka store

Many years later in 2016, Estonia decided to restore Dr Konopka’s beauty recipes, adding modern knowledge in the field of cosmetology and using production technology available today.

But has it maintained it’s natural status?

Dr Konopka’s range has international certificates of conformity to the highest standards of natural and organic cosmetics including the Cosmos Natural and Cosmos Organic status (certified by BDIH, Germany) with each product containing at least 98% natural ingredients. None of the products are tested on animals and also don’t include ingredients of animal origin, as evidenced by the Vegan sign on the packaging.

How is this range different from other plant-based brands?

The product’s uniqueness is thanks to the intelligent combination of the different plant components and extracts used in his recipes, with some ingredients being rather unusual. Among the rarest ingredients in his products are the Northern berries, sea buckthorn and cloudberry. Both are extremely rich in vitamins as well as macro- and microelements.

It is in its very essence a natural herbal cosmetics and vegetable oils range, the quality and purity of which is confirmed by the main European Ekosertifikat Cosmos Standard.

According to these stringent standards, at least 95% of ingredients are of natural origins. The remaining 5% are completely safe for human use and have no detrimental impact on the environment.
So now, even with a completely natural medicine and beauty cabinet, you could say you always have a doctor on hand.
Head this way to explore the new Dr Konopka range of hair and beauty favourites.
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