The Most Eco-Friendly Fly Catcher Around …


Over the Easter weekend I picked up a new pet and I just have to share him… He may not look like much now folks, but what you are looking at is the world’s most eco-friendly fly-catcher, commonly known as, well the fly-catcher! Or Drosera Capensis to be more exact.

Otherwise known as a Sundew, the fly-catcher is endemic to the Cape and like’s humid conditions – and so of course, a sunny windowsill is the ideal place. The sticky tentacles that you see will catch pesky flies and mosquitoes, and the more of these little critters that the plant can get its tentacles on, the bigger it will grow. In fact, because the Sundew will get all his nutrition from the flies that used to bother me, he can grow to a considerable size in this small cup, as unlike most plants it is not the soil that nourishes him.

Can anyone challenge me to finding a more eco-friendly means of dealing with flies? Like all plants he is going to help to clean the air, and all that he needs from me is clean water and love. I can sit back and watch him devour the flies that make their way into my kitchen without harming any of the subtle eco-systems around me.

This is a perfect example of using the efficiency of nature to solve my problems, without further upsetting the balance or harmony of my environment.

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  • johanmichellekoen
    Posted at 11:08h, 12 April Reply

    Would love to know where you bought it. I am on a mission to buy as many carnivore plants as I can get. Slow in progress though. They are a bit expensive, or how much did you pay for that one?

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