The Great Mothers Language of Love

great mothers love

Great Mother shows her love for me as my cat’s fur brushes my face. She reminds me how she loves me when I notice again and again the wonderful deep green hues in the bush on my way to work. She whispers yet again that she loves me when the sun caresses my skin and the bird song uplifts my heart. And again I am reminded of her love, her love for me and my love for her when the wind howls outside and I snuggle deeper into the comfort of my warm bed; when for that very brief moment the mongoose makes eye contact with me and does not run away; when the smell of the lavender outside my window brings me back into the present and when the sea glitters its diamond lights and the salty air makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world. No matter what language I speak and which lifetimes struggles I am choosing to learn from, the Mother alerts one of my senses to remind me of her deepest love for me.

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