The Face as a Road Map

Beauty is very closely related to the health of our body and mind and to the conditions of our surroundings. The word “cosmetics” actually has its roots in the Greek word, “cosmos”, which is a word used to describe an orderly and interconnected universe. By definition, to be beautiful was to be in harmony with nature.

Beauty comes in many forms, but one thing that is consistent in the eye of every beholder is that beauty is associated with some kind of glow. Although often referred to an elusive glow, it is something we can all achieve by simply striving to be in better balance with the world around us.

To achieve this natural glow we must begin to understand the relationship between our internal and external systems. When we look at beauty in this way, it becomes clear that our external appearance is a reflection of our daily lives – from the food we eat, to the environment we live in and to our daily physical and emotional habits. When this is out of balance it shows in our faces. By learning how to read these signs on our faces we will have the tools to know where we need to do some fine tuning to fix the imbalances.

The Forehead

The forehead can reflect imbalances of the intestines. Break-outs in this area may suggest that the colon is congested or that purging and cleansing are occurring. If the area is red you may be consuming too much salt, red meat or dairy products which are yang or stimulating foods. If the area is white you may be consuming too much sugar and artificial ingredients, drugs, caffeine or fruit which are yin or calming foods. Visit food as medicine for a list of yin and yang foods.

The Lips

The process of digestion actually begins in the lips, and if the lips are dry and cracked it may be a sign that the intestines are not functioning properly. It could also mean that you eating too many foods with preservatives. Dyes from lipsticks and other lip products could also be interfering with the enzymes in the mouth and the saliva. It is therefore a good idea to remove lipstick before eating – or even better use natural make up. Go and check out our new line of natural make up

Breakouts in the area surrounding the lips may indicate an inability to digest food well and this could also be related to an enzyme deficiency, but rather in the stomach.

Between the Eyes

This area gives us a clue as to how the liver is functioning. A vertical line here could indicate a weak liver or a disorder of the liver. Liver malfunctioning is often caused by preservatives, alcohol, drugs and other excessive yang substances.

The Brow Line

Lines on either side of the brow bone often indicate a weakened spleen function. When the spleen is clogged with toxins it can create stress-related illnesses and changes in behavioural patterns. Lines could also indicate a tightness of the shoulders which could be a signal that the adrenal glands are malfunctioning.

The Eyes

A darkening, either black or brown in colour, may indicate a kidney malfunction. If the area under the eyes is too puffy or red it could indicate too much consumption of rich foods, alcohol, nicotine or other substances with extreme yin or yang properties.

The Nose

Redness in the area surrounding the nose may be a warning of future malfunctioning of the prostate gland. If the area is red you may be consuming too much salt, red meat or dairy products. If the area is white you may be consuming too much sugar and artificial ingredients, drugs, caffeine or fruit.

Redness or expanded capillaries at the tip of the nose may indicate high blood pressure and a tendency towards heart conditions.

If there are blackheads, white heads or irritations around the nostril and cheek area it could indicate too much consumption of dairy products and sugar.

The Chin

Breakouts in the chin area are most often related to the menstrual cycle. Areas on the side of the chin that are white and blotchy, either with congestion or suffocation, resulting in a small granular like feeling under the skin, may indicate a yeast infection.

If the chin is always red, swollen, or congested it may mean that there is some structural weakness of the reproductive organs.

All of these symptoms can be eliminated by finding a healthy balance in your diet, exercise routine and a peacefulness of mind. The want of beautiful skin may be a wonderful incentive for you to start finding a balance that is right for you.

Source: Aveda Rituals by Horst Rechelbacher, 1999.

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