The Benefits Of Making Your Own Baby Food

Making your own baby food is not only healthier for your baby, it’s also more cost effective and environmentally friendly to boot!

The pace of modern living can be described as frenetic at best, so we know that the convenience of store-bought, ready-to-eat baby food seems irreplaceable. But, did you know that – armed with just a blender, food processor or a mashing spoon – you could save yourself and your family money, while serving your baby far healthier, more nutritious meals?

If you’ve gone as far as checking the labels on the back of your store-bought, ready-made baby food jars and pouches, you may have noticed an abundance of non-nutritional starch fillers and additives. This may not always be the case, but start making a habit of checking ingredients lists – and if you simply must buy ready-made meals, be sure to avoid those that have added sugars, modified food starches, wheat, rice or other food starches on the ingredients list.

By far the best thing about making all your own purees and baby foods is the fact that you get to choose exactly what goes into your baby’s tummy. It’s as easy as selecting a few fresh fruits or veggies (or both!), giving them a quick steam, then popping them into the food processor or blender. You can make a selection of purees in bulk and freeze them in your desired portion sizes to be thawed for any-time feeding at a later stage – just as convenient as store bought meals, but so much healthier.

Another benefit of making and storing your own baby food is that you’re actively helping the environment by reducing the demand for processed baby food and the excess packaging that goes along with it (which is very rarely environmentally friendly).

If you’re feeling a bit in over your head just thinking about making and mashing and storing all that baby food, don’t panic. There are various nifty little tools, like Cherub Baby’s On The Go Food Pouches, that will help make this process even easier. These uniquely designed, patented, squeezable and reusable food pouches are completely BPA-free, safe and suitable for use in the fridge, freezer and microwave. Simply scoop your homemade baby puree into the food pouches, label and date them, then store in the fridge or freezer until feeding time. These food pouches are also super-easy to clean – wash in warm, soapy water and rinse. (You can also place them in the top tray of your electric steam steriliser or in a microwave steriliser).


For additional convenience, simply screw a Cherub Baby Colour Change Food Pouch Spoon onto the pouch and feed baby on the spot. The colour change, BPA-free plastic design helps you to determine whether the food is too hot for your baby. The portable and reusable two pack is an essential when it comes to feeding your little one – no mess, no fuss, it can be used anywhere, anytime

Cherub Colour-Change Spoons Pack of 2

The Cherub Baby range also boasts a handy On the Go Food Pouch Warmer, which requires no electricity or batteries, making it ideal for outtings, travelling, or even during loadshedding! Simply place your baby food pouch inside the gel warmer, click the metal disc and the gel instantly heats up, warming baby’s food to the correct temperature, without overheating. A bonus cooler ice pack also helps to keep your baby’s food pouch cool for hours, which will no doubt come in handy during the not-too-distant summer holidays.

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