The Ancient Forest Tree Mists

The Ancient Forest Tree Mists have something very special to offer. Not only do they represent our African Heritage, but according to Melissa, producer of the  Ancient Forest Tree Mists, “they contain the very powerful healing potential that has been safe-guarded for us by the age-old trees of the Platbos Forest.”

Melissa also says that “I believe it is not by chance that this ancient forest that was in existence when our collective ancestors took their major evolutionary leap in consciousness – and has miraculously endured to this point in time. To survive the coming changes, our species will again be required to make another leap in consciousness: from our ‘love of power’ to a more heart-centred consciousness that is fuelled by the ‘ power of love’. I believe that the Ancient Forest Tree Mists are here to assist us with this shift.”

Highly regarded by renowned Flower Essence practitioners, the Ancient Forest Tree Mists are indeed a refreshing aid to overcoming negative emotional states. The energy of 13 different species are captured by means of solar infusion; blended with the best essential oils and preserved with ethanol, resulting in a range of 13 truly beautifully scented, healing spritzers.

The Ancient Forest Tree Mists work in the same way as the Bach Flower Remedies do, although the Mists are not ingested as the Bach remedies are. That is, the powers of special flowers are harnessed to help man and animal on their path to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Flower therapist Sarah Chana Radcliffe explains that “Bach Flower ‘Remedies’ consist of water that has been patterned with the energetic vibrations of different flowers”.

The Ancient Forest Tree Mists are suitable for use by anybody as they are applied externally by misting the body. Melissa suggests that

“when selecting a Mist, some people prefer to be guided by the written description and affirmation of a particular essence. Others like to follow their intuition or gut-feelings and here the photos of the tree flowers may be helpful: one in particular may attract you – and upon reading the description of the essences, you might find that it is the perfect one for your situation. Sometimes, the tree name simply pops into your head and you sense that this is the correct essence to use”

 So Milkwood, for example, enhances grounding, connectedness and support, while Cherry Wood could be compared to rescue remedy and enhances peacefulness, serenity and Stillness – to be used after shock.

The Ancient Forest of Platbos is an off-the-grid enterprise and the Ancient Forest Tree Mists are lovingly created under the forest canopy: no harmful chemicals are used. If you feel you need that extra support during a time of change, try the Ancient Forest Tree Mists, they will bring out the best in you!

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