Tackle Your Home with Organic Cleaning Products

We have a large warehouse filled to the brim of the best natural and organic products – and of course this is where we do all our shopping. Are you curious to see what we choose to use personally?
Eco Stain Remover

Got stains? The eco stain remover works like a charm, even on grease. We like it because it doesn’t contain any weird chemicals and the product itself is biodegrable, it doesn’t make sense to have your cleaning prducts cleaning one thing and then polluting another, like our water.
Triple Orange Wonder All Purpose Spray

I find it to be super effective on counter and stove tops and the occasional spills on floors. Has a lovely orange scent.
Earthsap Window and Surface Cleaner

Fabulous for windows.
Earthsap Cleaner and Degreaser

My once greasy oven thanks me for this every day!
Triple Orange Bio-Detergent

This stuff works really well on dirty laundry and smells great. Love the fact that I don’t need to add a softener.
Better Earth Natural Dishwashing Liquid

I could (actually I have on a camping trip in the Karoo) wash my whole body with this lovely liquid! I buy the 5L and then decant when I need to refill. Have friends who love it so much, but are on tight budgets that dilute it a little with water when they decant. The sweet orange scent is seriously sublime – this feels more like a luxurious hand wash.
Earthsap All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Fabulous to use on everything. We use it to clean the bathrooms; floors; cars – everything!
Earthsap Toilet Cleaner

Love the smell, cleans our bath well too!
Better Earth Dishwashing Gel

I can only praise this amazing natural cleaner – our dishes and glass sparkle with organic goodness and I take comfort in the fact that my family cannot get sick eating off my plates.
Giovanni Cucumber Song Liquid Hand Soap

It looks beautiful; has a soft creamy and freshly scented foam – bliss!
Enchantrix Dog Shampoo

The good liquid foam makes this a treat to use which we need to manage our 25 kg pooch getting her monthly wash in our bath. Like many collies she has especially sensitive skin, and this does not irritate her at all.
Plascan Plastic Bottle Crusher

Given the value for money this has been a great addition to keeping our recycling that much greener as it is now more space efficient.
Mother Nature Netted Stain Stick

This stain stick is especially useful to help keep our little boy’s nappies and clothes clean, but we use it on any fabric that needs a little extra TLC.
Peaceful Summer Soylites Candle

Works like magic in deterring the flies. The flies incidentally happen to be the only drawback in living in lovely Noordhoek with all of our horse friends.
Biodegradable Kitchen Cloths

I really love my funky new environmental kitchen cloths that are going straight on top of my compost heap when I am done with them. Also comes in bird design
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