The Sweetest Kind of Valentines is An Organic One

The Sweetest Kind of Valentines is An Organic One

Personally, the best part of receiving a gift is the knowledge that the giver is thinking of me. And I love receiving gifts because I love to know that I am being thought about. But then, giving and receiving gifts is one of my languages of love. Talking of which, these five ways of showing love are as follows – gifts; quality time; words of affirmation; acts of services and physical touch. Really connect with your loved ones by finding out the language that they best respond to and then create your valentines message and gifts around that.

If you are going to be buying a card or gift this year, we are positive we can inspire it to be an eco-friendly one. After all, the sweetest kind of valentines is an organic one 🙂 Below our some of our favourite picks, but do check out our full selection of organic valentines gifts too.

1. Batucada Jewerlly

Batucada is a selection of beautiful, flexible jewellery, made from a unique “eco plastic” formula using only natural and organic materials. Totally unique and very stylish; this is a wonderful of showing her that you care about her and her Earth.

2. Growing Paper Cards

Growing Paper is a range of beautiful handmade gift tags and cards with an extra-special secret. Each one is embedded with a mix of growing seeds that will sprout into indigenous flowers or herbs after the paper is planted in the ground. This means your gift keeps on giving in a truly magical, earth-friendly way. A really stunning and sustainable way to say “I love you.”

3. Sacred Love Natural Incense

Beautifully; naturally scented, this is pure incense to enhance yoga, meditation and prayer. A wonderful way to convey a deep heart love.

4. Trevarno Organic Aftershave Oil

Nurture him everyday with this soothing blend of natural oils that will take the burn out of shaving.

5. Angelfactory Artisan Soaps

Wash away all those “skincare sins” with a pure natural soap from Angelfactory! This is a proudly South African brand of truly angelic soaps, handmade with love using pure plant-based ingredients. Angelfactory soaps are really “innocent”, with nothing but pure natural nourishment for you and your loved ones.

6. With Love Beeswax Products

With Love Products is a proudly South African company with plenty of heart. Brining you a range of unique, handcrafted products made with natural and organic ingredients, With Love puts plenty of care into every step of the process. The With Love brand partners with the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project which is a Johannesburg-based NGO committed to supporting children in local informal settlements. Share the love with every purchase from this wonderful range

7. Biodegradable Pack of Heart Cloths 

Jangnues Design cloths are ultra absorbent, machine washable, long lasting and eco-friendly. They’re also very quick drying which reduces the spread of bacteria, keeping cloths fresher for longer. The cloths are 100% biodegradable so, as soon as you’ve finished with them, they can go straight onto the compost heap making for a very thoughtful gift indeed.

8. Honest Maca Raw Chocolate Slab

Pure simple chocolate. Just raw, organic cacao; the mighty aphrodisiac maca and a bit of Agave. With just the right mix of sweet and naughty; you may get lucky and be offered some of the chocolate too!

9. Sante Homme 365 Showel Gel

Homme 365 is a shower gel will give him an active start to the day. The subtle but strong fragrance is made to accompany real men throughout the day – nicely powerful yet restrained.

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