Spotlight on the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Spotlight on the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

For those of you looking to embrace the juicy way of life, why not consider investing in the innovative whole slow juicer model from Kuvings? Read on and find out why this “big mouth” is the talk of the town!

Big Mouth, Big Benefits

The Kuvings juicer has an extra-wide mouth and chute for the produce you want to juice. That means you can put your fruits and veg in whole, with no cutting, no chopping, no mess and no hassle. This is a sure-fire way to speed things up and make your juicing routine a fuss-free one.

Did You Know? The Kuvings Juicer with its “big mouth innovation” is the world’s FIRST whole slow juicer!

Quantity AND Quality

The Kuvings Juicer is a masticating juicer, meaning it presses the juice out of the produce with an auger at a slower speed. That means less foaming and less oxidation than a high-revving centrifugal juicer. The masticating action typically retains more nutrients (vitamins, minerals and live enzymes). The Kuvings will give you loads of nutritious juice from fruits, veggies, leafy greens, grasses, sprouts and beans.


The Kuvings can juice all sorts of produce from soft fruits to hard vegetables (like carrots and beetroot).

How does the Kuvings juicer compare to some of our other popular models?

Kuvings vs Oscar

The Kuvings juicer (speed of 65RPM) runs at a slightly slower speed than an Oscar juicer (speed of 80RPM). The slower speed means more nutrient retention. The Oscar Juicer is horizontally aligned, while the Kuvings is vertically aligned; the vertical structure helps the juicer to use gravity to process the ingredients, so you get smoother juice with less need for processing. Vertically aligned juicers are also really quick and easy to clean.

Kuvings vs Hurom

These two juicers are very similar, however the Kuvings Juicer has a wider chute for whole juicing. The Kuvings also offers a longer (5 year) warranty on front end parts while the Hurom offers I year.

Get Juicing

You can find the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer available on our online store. Check it out and find out how this innovative model can help you and your family max your daily nutrition!

  • abbas
    Posted at 07:53h, 27 February Reply

    I feel you were biased towards Kuvings . Your comparisons vs. Hurom left out the very important
    issue of speed. Hurom has the lowest speed of any Slow Juicer at 45 rpm

  • Jean
    Posted at 14:06h, 04 December Reply

    I purchased a Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer and this was a big mistake. If you want this juicer to break, juice whole fruits. You have to cut the veg and fruit into small manageable chunks. Initially when I received the device, I tried juicing a whole apple (small enough to easily fit into the “extra wide mouth”) and the plastic parts definitely took strain. This juicer lasted us just over 3 years. However during this time we used the juicer once a month, sometimes even less during the first 3 years. It was hardly used and it was basically just sitting on the kitchen counter. 3 Months ago we decided to use the juicer for the intended purpose. It was used once a week for about 20 minutes. The bottom line is the plastic lid cracked midway through the last juicing cycle. I managed to work through about half the veg. Overseas, this juicer comes with a 5 year warranty on the parts and 20 years on the motor. In South Africa, Health Appliances (the distributor) reduced the parts warranty from 5 years to 1 year. It is pointless getting replacement parts because this juicer has a design flaw in my opinion. Vegetables such as carrots will work its way underneath the screw. The crew (auger) lifts and then it cracks the lid. Before buying this thing look at the numerous 1 star reviews on Amazon. It is also a time consuming process to clean this thing. You’ll probably save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration if you look at the online reviews. I wish I did this. We have tried to negotiate a solution with the retailer here in SA. After more than a month we’ve given up. I even emailed Kuvings head office overseas and they do not even bother responding to your email query. I now have a very expensive door stop.

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