Some Thought Provoking Intentions for 2012

New Year’s resolutions are so 1990’s. That’s why we are asking you to consider what your intentions and not your resolutions are, in February, rather than in January. This way you cannot be led down a road of guilt when you do not achieve all 10 unrealistic promises made on a heavy head on the first day of the year; nor feel that since you have broken every one of them by mid-Jan that you can give up and hope you’ll do better in 2013.

Take a moment to feel the difference between a resolution and an intention: Resolutions usually stem from fear and ways in which we disapprove of ourselves, when we try to motivate ourselves from these spaces there is no joy in trying to change, no wonder so many resolutions fail. Intensions are inspired by a positive vision, with attachment to the outcome set aside. They are sign posts to inspire you to achieve consistent changes for the better through the daily decisions you make.

We asked our Facebook fans to share their intentions for the year ahead, and the answers just made our hearts swell. We attract some really lovely people as our fans and customers, and we feel so blessed for it. Have a read and pick those that resonate. Add your own intensions (from a loving space) and put them on your mirror and just do your best, consistently.

Joy-Anne Goodenough: “One of my intensions is to Be Here Now. I know the concept of living in the present moment isn’t unique but I really want to make this my mantra every day when I find myself caught up in unhealthy or unhelpful thinking and missing the beauty in even the simplest things right here, right now. Even experiencing pain in the present moment is healthier than postponing it. So yeah, Be Here Now is my motto for 2012.”

Kerrin Jane Moore: “I have 4 children, the oldest being 7 and youngest 10 months old, so my intension is to them… the make the time for a hug, a kiss, to not ignore that pull on my pants leg, to accept my shortcomings and empower myself so I may then empower them. To not get angry over the small stuff and to breathe!”

Lee-sa Harmse: “Speak my truth!”

Michelle Preen: “I will not let anyone steal my joy!”

Anusha Naidoo: “My intention for the 2012 is just one and I have every intention of fulfilling it. As a single mum it’s not easy to multitask and trying to spend quality and bonding time with my child is not the easiest. So I decided it’s going to change this year, despite the gazillion things to do daily, and being utterly exhausted at the end of the day I promise to spend quality time each evening and weekends with my child. Time will be limited but I will ensure that it’s going to be fun filled moments and memorable. I salute all single parents out there, we have a tough job to keep it together. Hope my angel in heaven – my hubby/my child’s dad continues to give me the courage and strength to help her grow into a beautiful, educated and successful person in her journey through life!”

Rochelle Kay: “One of my new years intentions (and I am happy to say that I have done it so far!) is to exercise at least 5 times a week, and put more vegetables into our evening meals. I have made a collection of recipes on how to incorporate veggies into your dishes in an interesting way, so it stays exciting! As far as exercise goes, I have found that too many of us talk ourselves out of exercise by thinking ‘should I or shouldn’t I’. Instead of even thinking about it, I just put on my gym clothes and DO it! Works for me!”

Lindy Kaese: “live and love and share as openly and freely as possible.”

Cheryl Nell: “There are so many lies in this world and my intention is to bring the full truth off whatever I discover and share it with whomever I can!”

Sanet Bezuidenhout: “This and only this: When I see or hear about something that is so very wrong, be it crime, child abuse, abuse of natural resources or the abuse of nature, I will do my best to get the word out and do something about it. I refuse to just stand by and see everything go down the drain.”

Leisl Maloney: “I will be putting my four legged friends on an organic diet, because why should they not benefit from the goodness of nature as well? I am appalled at the fillers and additives that dog food manufacturers get away with in this country!”

Deshanta Naidoo: “I really loved the mantra you guys posted a week ago and I’ve decided to use it as my healthy resolution reminder: ‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for.’ So far I’ve kept to the exercise every weekday, eat for sustained energy and to add some fun to each day.”

And in parting, here are some ideas to help you be kinder to yourself that you may be a happier, more self-loving person this year:

  • Learn to become more trusting by expecting the very best from people.
  • Look in the mirror and just tell myself as often as you can that you approve of yourself.
  • Put the things in your life that uplift you on the same “to do” list as you put work and household related things.
  • Be impeccable with your word (that includes being truly honest with yourself) and keep your less positive thoughts about other people to yourself – and to keep on trying no matter how many times you slip on this intention.
  • Ground yourself often (just feel yourself in your body and your connection to the Earth) so that you can be more present and focused as you go about your day and feel the support of the Earth. Try spending as much time as possible barefoot in the house and outside in the garden. Get up and take a walk outside even if it’s just for 30 seconds when you get stressed or go into fear about something.


Remember that everything is a choice – you create and are ultimately responsible for everything that happens to you. Even when something seems to happen ‘to you’ you still have a choice, how will you choose to react for the highest good of yourself and others? To support this intention, post notes around the house with just one word on them: Choice. Set daily reminders on your phone, again with just that one word: Choice.

Your choices, large and small, are the vehicle of creation in your life and no-one can take that from you. So take the time to set your intentions, observe where they come from, what motivates them, enjoy being consistent with them and don’t use them to beat yourself up with, if you have a wobble just choose to try again.

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