Seven Savvy Energy-Saving Tips from our Fans


Earth Hour 2014 has come and gone, but as every eco-warrior knows, it’s important to use power wisely not just on one special occasion, but 365 days a year. In honour of Earth Hour, we asked our Faithful Fans to share their top energy-saving tips with us. You all gave us wonderful answers that are sure to inspire your fellow greenies – it was tough for us to pick our favourites, but here are a few we really loved!


“Blankets and a hot water bottle in winter will keep you warmer than a heater can.”
– Christine Hugo


“A solar jar/ light works very well outside for braai, you don’t need to switch on the security light or waste the batteries in your torch.”
– Viana Krause


“Don’t forget that power adapters (transformers for rechargeable appliances) also consume energy. Unplug them when not in use.”
– Melanie-ann Diesel


“Air dry towels and linen in the sunlight, draped over a lavender bush – saves on energy, as well as giving your pillowslips a wonderful, soothing scent to lay your head on at night.”
– Leisl Maloney


“Try and make one weekend day a day in which you don’t use the car. We have also done this on some Saturdays where we walk to the shops and the local library.”
– Carryn Paikin


“Once you have boiled water in your kettle, put the rest in a flask to use during the day.”
– Ondria Ann Hart


“Use a consol solar lamp instead of switching on the lights at night to save electricity. It’s safer to use than candles and is great to put on the table as a centre piece when having dinner.”
– Ruweida Muhammad

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