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Power of The Zen: 6 Ways to Simplify Your Home

Power of The Zen – 6 Ways to Simplify your Home

Clean space clean mind; it’s declutter time. With the harrowing demands of our professional and social lives, creating a space for rest and relaxation should not be considered an indulgence but rather a necessary measure. Your home needs to be a sanctuary; an environment free of pressure, stress and anxiety.
But can you really reach nirvana if you’re house is burdened by hoards of unnecessary ‘stuff’?
I’m sure you intended to repair the vintage lamp you bought for 10 bucks at that thrift shop that one time, but three years later, your frugal purchase is just taking up space. The term “Zen” is synonymous with words like peace, equilibrium and poise. 

Here are six ways you might achieve these:



Zen can be achieved through following the principles of Feng Shui – you and your space should ideally be in perfect harmony. You won’t feel too harmonious if you’re tripping over your futon then bumping into the coffee table on your way to the kitchen. Get rid of a few things. When you have less to worry about, you have less to worry about. Minimize your possessions so you only have the essentials and you’ll feel noticeably more relaxed. If you tend to hoard trinkets from yesteryear’s, I consider starting with streamlining one room in your home – but let it be a room you use fairly often.

Remove most of the electronics in your Zen space. The constant bind to technology will only aggravate anxious people because you’ll feel the pressure to constantly be connected. Mirrors are a distraction too. You’ll find it difficult to reflect if you’re eyes are fastened to your reflection (it is believed, in Fen Shui, that mirrors bounce energy off them which can cause restlessness too)


Not only will your clay-brown and olive-green furniture match effortlessly with your burnt sienna feature wall and eggshell throws, but your soul will thank you for it. Neutral tones tend to open up a space and add to the calm energy you want to create. Clashing colours can be quite jarring, so pick one main earth colour and let the others accent it.
Where you can, go as natural as possible with furniture. Choices like wooden cupboards and drawers, shelves and coffee tables will help you feel grounded.


Though hardwood or tiled floors make housekeeping easier, it might be at the expense of your peace of mind. Gliding your toes through plush carpets and rugs creates a sense of comfort. When you feel snug and cosy in your home, you’ll instantly relax. If you’re set on your floors, natural material socks won’t go amiss. Be sure to opt for the thickest pair you can find. Cushioning your feet from cold, hard floors will make a huge difference in your mood.


To minimize your electric bill, while simultaneously maximising on the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin, turn the lights down low – or turn them off completely. Exposure to natural sunlight has a list of health benefits and your sunny disposition (pardon the pun) will be one of them. Replacing a harsh fluorescent ceiling light with lamps that emit soft light or candles will completely change the atmosphere of the room. You’ll instantly feel more calmer.


A piece of nature will breathe life into any space you have. Plants add a pop of colour to your home, their aroma perfumes your home naturally, and they improve the quality of your air as they absorb most of the carbon dioxide. Studies have show that plants improve your alertness by 70%, the benefits of go on and on. Plant a kitchen garden and take pride in cooking with your own herbs and spices. Invest in a hardy plant, like a fern, that is low maintenance and lasts as long as you want to keep it


In order to achieve Zen through the art of Feng Shui, try introducing the five elements of nature into the space. Fire, water, earth, wood and metal make up the fundamental principles of Feng Shui (incorporating them successfully is just as important). If your space isn’t big enough to fit a fireplace, water feature, a pot plant, a metal bust and a pinewood coffee table, you can allude to some of the elements without their actual presence. Maybe you start by playing rainfall audio while you are working or relaxing at home. Or place small elements around your home to hardness the energy that comes from each.

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