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One of the most wonderful things about using natural ingredients and products is their versatility. Very often one ingredient will be a very effective remedy for many things. Take Lavender for instance, which is not only a highly respected anti-aging botanical, but it also helps to regulate oily skin, can be used to treat acne and it can be used to help promote healing of scars. Or Calendula, which promote rapid healing on external wounds, helps to hydrate very dry and chapped skin, but it also calms stomach upsets, soothes sore throats and helps with toxicity.
In respect for this, and for the fact that using organic products is not only about using products that contain pure ingredients that are grown with respect, but it also about using less, I am going to recommend products that are so versatile that they can be used for more than one application.Any retailer reading this would cringe, as I should be encouraging you to buy more not less, but Faithful to Nature is not only about creating a livelihood for us, it is about sharing and cultivating a deep respect for this beautiful and awe-inspiring planet that we call our home. Enjoy!

Rosehip Oil as an all over body treatment

Roseship oil must be the quintessential anti-aging ingredient as it stimulates new cell regeneration, keeping your skin young, healthy and elastic. As a result, if you do not suffer from acne, and have balanced skin that you want to preserve, you could really simplify your beauty routine by using rosehip oil as a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream and a body oil. The Rosehip Carrier Oil would suffice, or you could jazz it up a little with the beautiful Rosanique, Rosa for Men or Siloheutte Body Oil.

To read more on the benefits of Rosehip Oil, please visit our Herb Index.

Coconut Oil to cook with, eat, heal & moisturise

Coconut oil is one of nature’s best moisturisers and also one of nature’s best immune boosters. As a result, if you really wanted to simplify your needs for products, you could purchase a large tub of coconut oil, decant some of it into a smaller bottle for your room and keep the rest in the kitchen to cook with, and to add to smoothies. The coconut oil in your room can be used as an all over body moisturiser and if you Google the uses of coconut oil, you will see that many also use it as a toothpaste and a deodorant! Coconut oil is also great for protecting your skin against sun damage.

To read more on the benefits of coconut oil, visit our great articles on using coconut oil as a topical application and taking it internally.

Beeswax & Propolis to moisturise, heal & boost immunity

We really do need to pay homage to the beautiful and hard-working bees on our planet, as the lovely beeswax and propolis that they produce is a cure all for almost any ailment.

Beeswax helps to retain moisture so is great in treating dry skin, nappy rash, eczema, psorisis and chapped heals and lips. It is also an antiseptic so is very effective in treating acne and problem skin (no it does not block your pores) and it also promotes speedy recovery to wounds. Beeswax can also be used on cuticles, as a face moisturiser, and eye cream and a lip balm.

Propolis is the medicine store for the bee colony and so is an amazingly effective immune booster. It can be used for colds and flu, immune deficiecy, troat infections, athlete’s foot, cold sores, haemorrhoids, bed sores, cuts, insect bites and stings, rashes, fungal infections and burns.

You can also keep it really pure, by just going for honey, which can be used directly onto cuts; as a sugar replacement; as a hydrating mask for your face and skin by mixing it with olive oil; or taken by the spoon full to treat sore throats.

Himalayan Crystal Salt for eating, healing, bathing & scrubbing

This pure product comes in both chunky salt crystals or fine particles and can be used to salt foods and as a treatment to restore the ph balance ot your body, to restore electrolytes, to control blood pressure, to reduce water retention and to control cravings. It is also a very luxurious addition to a nice hot bath.

The salt has a powerful detoxing and cleansing effect on the skin and it will leave it feeling very soft due because unlike a normal bath, which extracts moisture from your skin, a bath with crystal salt allows the salt to be stored in the upper callous layer of the skin and to form a protective barrier. The minerals of the salt are absorbed through the skin, while through osmosis the body toxins are released into the water. The protective, natural film of the skin remains and the skin does not dry out.

Furthermore, the salt can also be used as an all over body scrub.

Magic Mitt Make-up Remover – no extra products, no cotton wool or tissues

I felt that this innovative solution to removing make-up should get a mention as it really suitable for those who want to waste less. We know it works too – the feedback on the product has been amazing, as you can read for yourselves, and the mitt lasts for at least five years.

Shampoo Soap Bars for the whole body

We just love how eco-friendly these soap bars are – they are rapidly biodegrable, do not come in plastic containers, are not mixed with a plethora of other ingredients and they foam up a storm. They can be used not only on your hair, but also on your face and body, so they are great for travelling or camping. They come in four great varieties: Chamomile & Marshmallow for extra moisture, Lemon & Juniper for oiliness, Rosemary & Nettle for dry, damaged or treated hair, and Rosemary for normal hair.

Stain Stick come soap bar

This much loved stain stick can also double up to wash clothes by hand, tupperware, light switches and anything else that needs a little extra elbow grease. But did you know that it can also be used as a body soap – I know because both my father and husband started using it as a body soap for quite some time (on different occasions) before my mother and I realised the misunderstanding!

Enchantrix I Clean It All that really does clean it all

We have recently started using this great all purpose cleaner in our home and really can vouch for its effectiveness as a dishwashing liquid, a surface cleaner, a bathroom cleaner and a floor cleaner. It’s manufacturers claim it is even safe enough to be used on pets and kids.

Auto Dishwashing Paste used as a scourer too

The Bloublommetjies auto dishwash paste doubles up as a great scourer for stoves and surfaces too.

I have not even touched on the versatility of essential oils, but I hope that this has inspired you as to how simple a beauty and cleaning routine can be.

Clean Your Clothes & House with Soap Nuts

It may seem a little strange at first for those used to more ‘traditional’ detergents, but seeing is believing. This fruit really gets your washing clean. The shell of the soap nut contains saponins (a natural substance that acts just like soap) which lifts dirt from fabrics and keeps it suspended in the water. The soap nut does naturally what conventional detergents rely on laboratory-manufactured chemicals to do – remove the grime from your laundry. And they are gentle on woollens and silks too.

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