Organic Gardening & Using The Moon

What is Astro-Dynamic Gardening?

All life form is sensitive to the moon phase cycles, not only within the emotions of humans, but also within the body, the cycle moves energy to different parts of the body, this includes the bodies of animals, insects and the plants. The moon moves just as the sun moves into the zodiac constellations. The only difference is that the moon does this shift every second day or so enhancing the energy cycle within bodies. It is through this body cycle that when working “with” the plants in your garden, you are then able to strengthen the health of the garden.

Firstly by using the moon phase one can naturally see that while the moon grows towards a full moon it would be good to plant out seeds for the moon’s waxing energy to pull and germinate the seed into life. This would be similar in planting root seeds after the full moon as the pull is towards the Earth, thus ensuring a good germination of root crops or transplanting any plant for their roots to pull comfortably into the soil, their new position of home.

Everyone understands the sun zodiac (star signs) and even the age zodiac (Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius) so why would we ignore the moon zodiac influence, which has far more impact in our lives, emotionally and physically? By learning to understand this element we can then see how much better it is for the body of the plant to be pruned, plucked, harvested, seeded, transplanted, watered and fertilised right down to when one can make the best fertiliser or compost heap with these alignments and with taking the season changes into account.

By working with this new knowledge one can ensure a healthy Organic state in the garden. This also will ensure less work in the garden in our busy daily schedules.

We all have busy lives and cannot always spend hours in the garden. All gardens and plants need attention to be it a veggie patch, a flower garden, trees or indoor plants. By working and maximising the heavens cycle on a daily basis you can do short and only absolutely necessary jobs needed to be done to your plants or in the garden. This method can be termed as the “No-Work” garden method. Remember though the more you potter in a garden the more the plants reflect your presence and company.

Annoesjka’s Story…

I can only tell you by my life story of needing to feed 4 boys, their dad and myself (me being a full vegetarian) of how important it became to supplement our table with fresh produce with the rising prices of food and all living expenses.

I had to be a healthy, strong mom and wife for my family. My kids had to eat healthy foods of real fresh produce especially as some loved eating veg raw. Just by starting in pots on window shelves and the balcony led me to move onto larger ground to grow for my now giant children.

At first, I was shy, using the skies as my guide but every time I would sit at a fireside I would always gaze up to the stars and the moon. So what was there to be shy of? We all are drawn to the mesmerizing skies and the mysteries. Why not use what we know to our benefit and to the benefit of plants to ensure the easy growth of our foods to be healthy, strong and vibrant. Everything in life has its own pace. Why speed this up with unhealthy and un-natural ways which costs money. Rather let it cost you your caring time and new growing knowledge to work “with” nature and let the nature you create be vibrant and strong, minimising pests, dis-ease and stress to plants! The more you work with nature and the cycles the easier it gets and almost becomes like second nature to you.

With this knowledge accumulated over almost 14 years, I have compiled a booklet that gives you the much more in-depth explanations and jobs to do in the moon phases, body energy and planting with the moon zodiac as well as gardening tips. This booklet accompanies a planting calendar all worked out and colour coded for you to recognise when to plant, mow, prune, water etc. The calendar is designed in an easy to work with layout, tells you when to plant what plants and seeds, how to care for them and is pretty enough to hang up. I work these cycles out for myself every year and now with the serious rising costs of fresh produce and the importance of organics, it has become time to share this easy to work with knowledge.

Remember this calendar is a guideline and an assistant to you for growing organically and naturally. It is not a rule. The stronger and healthier your garden grows, the better your produce, the healthier you become.

Grow with the flow,
With love for nature and the skies.

Annoesjka Hartman Redgrave

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