Find Your Organic Autumn Colour Palette

Find Your Organic Autumn Colour Palette

Believe it or not, Summer will soon be coming to an end and the leaves will be turning all those magnificent Autumn shades of red, brown and gold. Autumn is such a great time to spend outdoors, reconnecting with nature, enjoying the fresh scents and vibrant colours around you. Plus, all you style-conscious Earth-lovers will find endless ways to express yourselves with colour this season, taking your inspiration from nature’s rich Autumn colour palette.

At Faithful to Nature, we just love experimenting with beauty trends that take their cue from nature – using organic and cruelty-free cosmetics of course. Here’s a look at three colour trends for Autumn that we’re loving right now, plus a few suggestions on how to add each one to your own Autumn colour palette using our gorgeous products. We’re sure you’ll just “Fall” in love with these inspiring trends!

Marsala Magic

Marsala, named after a rich fortified wine, is a sophisticated red-brown hue, which was recently declared the “Pantone Colour of the Year” for 2015. We just love this earthy shade because it’s so versatile; it flatters a wide range of complexions, and can be either a neutral or dramatic shade, depending on how it’s worn. Plus it’s a colour that’s found in fresh earth, bonfires and Autumn leaves – how perfectly appropriate!

Spicy Sensations

A dash of organic spice in your Autumn and Winter dishes really brings out the flavour, and has a wonderfully warming effect. The same could b said for your Fall wardrobe. The Committee for Colour & Trends predicts that colours inspired by herbs and spices will be heating up the catwalks this season. Think cinnamon brown, mustard yellow and cayenne red.

Icy Appeal

For those who prefer a cooler colour palette, stormy shades of blue are making a splash. These beautiful blues contrast strikingly with the warm earthy hues of Autumn, so your look will really stand out. A blue-toned palette draws its inspiration from cloudy skies and stormy seas. Blues can range from cold, delicate pastels to deep and rich jewel tones, so there’s plenty of room to experiment.

Enjoy expressing yourself through your style this Fall – we hope you feel be-YOU-tiful in every way!

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