The Best Natural Vitamin C Supplements for Winter


Our bodies can’t produce or store Vitamin C; and therefore we need to get a constant, steady supply of this crucial nutrient from our daily diets. We need a Vitamin C supplement to keep colds,,‘flu and other viruses at bay. But bear in mind before you reach for those pills – not all Vitamin C is created equal! Conventional pharmaceutical brands typically make their Vitamin C in a lab, using chemical synthesis (or sometimes using bio-transformation). Some use a more “natural” and responsible process to synthesise Vitamin C than others – but when it comes to supplements, the more natural you can keep things, the better. Here’s a look at five of our favourite natural, plant-based sources of Vitamin C, and how they can boost and maintain a healthy immune system.

Why You Need Vitamin C

We bet the first thing you think of when someone mentions vitamin C is ‘flu fighting. Boosting immunity is a big function of vitamin C, which makes it an essential winter nutrient – but it has a few other really great key benefits you might not be aware of.

  • It improves your body’s iron uptake, which makes it great for combating anaemia. If you take a daily iron supplement, be sure to take it with a glass of orange juice instead of a cup of coffee.
  • It promotes the healing of wounds and form scar tissue.
  • It fights off wrinkles! Vitamin C naturally boosts your body’s production of collagen, which preserves the elasticity and smooth texture of your skin. More vitamin C = more collagen = a younger-looking complexion.
  • Collagen is also needed to make healthy ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.
  • It’s a powerful antioxidant, which fights free radical damage and reduces oxidative damage to your body’s artery walls. That makes vitamin C essential for a healthy heart.
  • Vitamin C also supports the regeneration of vitamin E, which has great antioxidant properties and promotes healthy glowing skin.


Real powdered baobab is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C in the world – in fact, a serving of baobab powder gives you around 4 times the amount of vitamin C in the equivalent serving of fresh oranges. What’s more, it also contains iron, which as you’ll see from the list above is best taken together with vitamin C.

“Absolutely delish! My husband and I even drink this just mixed with water. I can vouch that it really is helping us boost our immune systems.” – Amy

Camu Camu

The fruit of the South American camu camu berry is also packed with vitamin C. This relatively little-known Peruvian superfruit can be mixed into smoothies, juice or just a glass of filtered water. It’s also rich in potassium, amino acids and gallic acid, which has antiviral properties.

Ester-C Combo

This supplement from The Real Thing gives you a powerful but 100% natural esterfied form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The Vitamin C in this formula is derived from certified non-GMO corn via a fermentation process, and NOT via chemical synthesis – so you can rest assured you truly are getting “the real thing”. You’ll also find rosehip and organic sea vegetables mixed into the Ester C formula, to give you an all-round powerful nutrient boost.

“This product is better than any other Vit C I have previously had. It has kept me healthy all through Winter. And I feel so much better energy-wise. I can honestly recommend this product, it is excellent!” – Janis


This precious plant isn’t just packed with vitamin C; it’s also rich in potassium, calcium, B-complex vitamins and iron. It’s good for the skin and hair, blood, bones and joints, as well as keeping your immune system strong.

“I love my Moringa tea, especially when I get a sore throat, need energy, feeling down or need an immune boost. I think it’s most refreshing and tasty as an ice tea mixed with a little bit of natural honey and ice :)” – Gillian

A daily dose of one of these natural Vitamin C supplements will keep you feeling healthy and strong through ‘flu season.


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