New Year's Resolutions for a Greener Future

New Year’s Resolutions for a Greener Future

If you are a greenie who wants the best for humanity and the earth, being reminded of ways you can contribute and play your part is something to think about as the New Year begins. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions to consider.

1. Plastic

It takes over 50 years for a bag to disintegrate. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, get yourself a glass bottle and take your own purified water around with you instead. Remember to take your reusable shopping bags with you too. If you buy take away coffee a lot, consider getting a reusable cup you can take with you.

2. Green Power

Greening your power not only makes you more independent, it’s the eco-friendly way to go for the future. There are so many affordable solar power options available now it’s easier than ever to do.


3. Alternative Transport

Using one car to drive yourself around does seem a little crazy if you think about it. Consider car-pooling, taking the bus, the train, or, even better for your health, cycle or walk if it’s practical.

4. Support Organic

Supporting organic farmers not only helps biodiversity, it means that farming without the use of toxic chemicals has a future. It’s healthier for your body and the planet.

5. Buy Local

The more you buy local, the less resources have been used to transport your goods. It also creates a sense of community and uplifts smaller business.

6. Participate

Things don’t change all by themselves. Become aware of the environmental issues facing our planet especially those closer to home where you have the power to have your say. Spread awareness and take part in movements that are fighting for a greener future.

7. Personal Care

Use body and household products that are free from toxic chemicals such parabens, petrochemicals, SLES, SLS, ALES and ALS. Ethical and aware companies that make natural products are also more likely to care about a cleaner, greener manufacturing process from start to finish.

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