Make Summer Sweeter with Delicious Healthy Drinks

Make Summer Sweeter with Delicious Healthy Drinks

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry… but drinks needn’t always mean sugary cocktails and chemical-filled fizzy sodas. With these smart, healthy drink choices from Faithful to Nature’s online store, you can keep hydrated during those hot sunny days; plus they’re a great way to boost your wellbeing and keep your body in balance balance, despite those festive indulgences. Drink a toast to your health with these tasty refreshments, and keep your summer sweet!

Go Nutty for Coconut Water

Fat-free but full of flavour; packed with electrolytes and pottassium; this pure coconut water is the best way to beat the heat, and keep dehydration at bay. Plus it’s known as the ultimate natural hangover cure, so be sure to keep your fridge well-stocked!

Get Cultured with Kombucha

Try something new this summer and your body will thank you. Discover kombucha; a slightly effervescent fermented drink, made with a blend of tea, raw cane sugar and probiotic cultures. Kombucha not only quenches your thirst, it also gives your body a great probiotic boost, promoting healthy digestion, immunity and energy levels. Why not try a new flavour, take advantage of our special six-pack offer, or even have a go at brewing your own kombucha at home?

Go “Totally Wild” for Fresh Aloe Juice

Enjoy the unique and delicious taste of real aloe; one of South Africa’s most famous health-giving botanicals. Aloe is cooling and nourishing, a great source of vitamins and fibre. The perfect drink choice for long-lasting hydration; treat yourself to one of Totally Wild’s unique flavour combinations, or pick up a 24/7 aloe drink to mix with your morning smoothie or juice.

Life is Peachy with Organic Ice Tea

BOS is a much-loved local range of ice teas, made with real organically grown rooibos. With their funky branding, colourful cans and a choice of fun fruity flavours, BOS ice teas will be a hit at any summer party or braai. Plus they’re loaded with the health-giving antioxidants that come from authentic organic rooibos.

Persian Cordials: Exotic Indulgences

Kuhestan Organic Farm specialises in a range of natural and organic cordial concentrates bursting with luscious exotic flavours, and made using locally grown botanical ingredients. These versatile, preservative-free cordials can be used to make tasty chilled juices, cocktails, sorbets and dessert toppings, or even marinades and sauces! Based on authentic Persian recipes, these cordials include delectable flavours like Pomegranate, Elderflower, Rose & Raspberry or Ginger & Lemongrass.

All Wings, No Bull!

Scheckter’s is the world’s first range of truly 100% natural energy drinks, made with energy-boosting goodies like green tea, green coffee and Brazilian guarana. These refreshments are formulated to help perk you up, without the harsh synthetic stimulants found in ordinary energy drinks. Available in Original and Lite, Scheckter’s drinks will give you that “get-up-and-go” feeling you need to tackle the more tiring aspects of party season.

And of course, no matter what else you choose to drink, make sure you always get plenty of this…

Good Clean Filtered Water

Water is the ultimate source of hydration – but make sure the water you’re drinking is clean and free of harsh chemicals like chlorine. Our Bobble range gives you a choice of beautifully designed BPA-free water bottles with built-in filters, to take all the nasties out of your drinking water, and give you a clean, fresh supply on the go. So stylish and convenient; don’t get caught without a Bobble bottle this summer! Our range includes bottles for kids and grown-ups, jugs for the dinner table, and accessories like ice trays, bottle brushes and replacement filters.

Here’s to a magical (and healthy) festive season – Cheers!

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