Knowing Your Ingredients


What differentiates one cream or oil from the next? Price, packaging and the manufacturer may all play a part, but at the core of a product’s efficacy are the ingredients used to make it.

There is a world out there so infinite in its intelligence and beauty that we could spend (and hopefully will spend) centuries learning about its wonders. The world that I am referring to of course is nature. The natural ingredients in your lotions and potions are also unique in their string of benefits and they are the hero’s when it comes to healing, nurturing and protecting your skin.

At Faithful to Nature, we believe nature is the most powerful ally to have aligned ourselves with and in the spirit of sharing and love we thought that this month we would share some natural ingredients that have the potential to work wonders on our skin.

All of these ingredients can be found in our products and you can search for them by using our solutions page (much easier) or by typing the name of the ingredient in our search bar.

The following natural ingredients have the following effects:

Cell Regeneration Baobab Oil Geranium Kalahari Melon Seed Oil Lavender Orange Blossom Rosehip Vitamin E
Lightening Bearberry Vitamin C Vitamin K
Detoxifying Bentonite Clay Nettle Green Clay
Anti Inflammatory & Soothing Comfrey Root Calendula Grapefruit Seed Hemp Kelp Peppermint Oil Rooibos Rose Rosemary & Teat Tree
Boosts Circulation Geranium Lavender Ginger Caffiene
Anti-Oxidant Barley Grass Grapefruit Seed Green Tea Marula Nut Oil Vitamin E Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C & D
Antiseptic Grapefruit Seed Kelp Yarrow
Antiaging Hemp Jojoba Lavender Rooibos Rosehip Vitamin E Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C & D
Moisturising Baobab Oil Kelp Kalahari Melon Seed Oil Avocado Hemp Cape Aloe Jojoba
Anti-Fungal Propolis
Healing Rose Sausage Tree Cape Aloe Castor Oil Calendula Chamomile Oil Comfrey Root Corn Flour Extract Hemp & Lavender
Rejuvinating Rose Cape Aloe
Toning Rosewood Rosemary Orange Blossom Caffiene Lemongrass Tea Tree Wild Mint

The following natural ingredients will help with the following skin types and skin conditions:

Dry Avocado Hemp Jojoba Baobab Oil Propolis Virgin Coconut Oil
Oily Lemongrass Rosemary Green Clay Jojoba Kelp Lavender Tea Tree Virgin Coconut Oil Yarrow & Cedarwood
Sunburn Sausage Tree Avocado Cape Aloe Calendula
Fever Blisters Sausage Tree Calendula
Acne Sausage Tree Lavender Kelp Jojoba
Eczema Sausage Tree Avocado Calendula Virgin Coconut Oil
Psorisis Sausage Tree Avocado Calendula Virgin Coconut Oil
Age Spots Avocado
Scars Avocado Hemp Lavender Rosehip Vitamin E
Cellulite Caffiene
Broken Capilleries Chamomile Oil
Burns Hemp Calendula

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