Q&A with The Artists: finding inspiration in sacred geometry

Human beings have used jewellery and body adornment for centuries to express cultural beliefs, signify status within tribes or communities and to beautify themselves. While we may not be wearing bones to allude to our healing abilities anymore, we still to this day wear jewellery that aligns with who we are on a deeper level or whom we want our friends and colleagues to perceive us as. Maybe you wear gems because you believe in the vibrational energies they emit or perhaps you’re toting chakra beads, peace signs and prayer beads because you resonate with what they stand for. Some people even use specific colour armbands to reaffirm values or beliefs they wish to live out. Uncovering a deeper meaning behind our jewellery choices can greatly enrich the experience of wearing them or even inspire more succinct and mindful gift giving. With the recent addition of The Artists range of wooden elemental jewellery, I touched base with their creators to understand more of what’s behind these sacred geometry-inspired pieces.

1. Who are ‘The Artists’ behind the designs? Can you share a bit about who you are, your background and how it is that you came to creating these pieces?

Bianca and I are both designers from various backgrounds. We are both incredibly inspired by nature and the mysteries behind the creation of all things. She is the one that would stare at the clouds, observing different images and I am the one that can take those images and capture them. All of our creations consist of imagination, wonder, love and creativity. It’s definitely a team effort.

2. What is it about sacred geometry that inspires you to capture it in wooden jewellery?

Sacred Geometry has been around for many moons. Currently, copper and coated silver are mostly used in the market for jewellery in this form. We wanted to express something different by using an element which lies at the heart of the concept without people being completely aware of it. Wood has always been mysteriously captivating to us, as has Sacred Geometry. By combining both of these intangible and tangible elements, we believe the wearers of our pieces can experience something that is different and alive. Our creations have a story to tell and hopefully, they inspire our customers to pursue more of what the natural elements of mother earth have to offer.

3. You must have a favourite pattern that you feel most connected to? Which is it and why?

Yes, everyone has a favourite. Ours is definitely the Inner Sanctum and the Honeycomb designs. They consist of many patterns and multiple dimensional viewing. We can appreciate the patterns they portray which weave into each other and the message they carry is close to our hearts.

Inner Sanctum The “Inner Sanctum” design from The Artists serves as a reminder of the sacred energy that lies within you. The message in this symbol is to stop looking for external sources of fulfilment and to find real peace within yourself.

Honeycomb –  created as a reminder to fill your “spiritual grid” with wisdom, inspiration and goodness. A symbolic way of reminding yourself (or a loved one) to practice spiritual self-care.

Check out the full range to see what each design means. Which one are you drawn to?

4. How are the pieces actually made? I assume laser cut  – they are incredibly delicate.

Firstly, the items are made up from concepts and existing sacred geometry references combining a mixture of what is in existence and something from within us. We then draw up accurate files with tolerances to measure out any problems during laser cutting. After the design has been laser cut, we then delicately sand and clean every peace to reveal the grain of the wood. We treat the wooden jewellery with beeswax to further bring out the wood grain and colour as well as to protect the wood. The next process is to add required sterling silver fittings and leather thonging followed by our last process of carefully packaging our items enclosed with a special message. This is all done by hand.

5. What do you hope to awaken or inspire in the wearers of your designs?

We hope to inspire our wearers to become more aware of how incredible nature and all of Creation is. We want to awaken some sort of understanding that everything is connected. Our message is to take care of our habitat and ourselves.

“The one simply cannot survive without the other.”

6. What piece of advice can you give to other aspiring creatives or artists out there?

Never be afraid to experiment, it’s completely okay to fall a couple of times before you stand tall. Become mindful by applying natural and recycled elements into your creations. By doing this you are not only finding a balance but also contributing to nature and its harmony.

If you feel anyone close to you could benefit from the intrinsic messages of balance and alignment imbued by The Artists Sacred Geometry range of jewellery, head on over to the collection and discover the pieces that resonate with you.

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