Immune Boosters & Flu Fighters

Winter and flu seems to go hand in hand doesn’t it! And so we have listed a few products that will help treat a cold.

1. Hot Toddy Treat for Colds/Flu

  • 1 Tot Whiskey
  • ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon
  • Pinch cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon Gingered Honey
  • Mix all these ingredients into a tumbler of hot water and sip before bed, especially if you have a fever.
  • You will definitely wake up feeling half way better, if not completely recovered!

2. Do it like the Bees with Propolis Tincture Drops or Spray

Before we delve into this fantastic medicine store of the bee colony, we just want to say that from personal experience, we cannot vouch enough for the power of Propolis. Many a time the powerful, albeit not too pleasant tasting, drops of propolis has kept a cold at bay or fought a sore throat with real conviction! Propolis is made from tree gums, resins and balsams collected by the bees and is valued for its anti-germ and disinfectant properties, and offers exceptional immune protection due to its high caffiec content.

3. Kiddies Need Some Help Too!

This is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic inhalant formula for children. These ingredients are chosen for their powerful ability to decongest, vasodilate the blood vessels in the lungs and ease breathing difficulties. The oils assist in easing colds and flu symptoms and is useful when used in a humidifier or diffuser in your child’s room as the molecules disperse into the air, killing airborne bacteria and viruses.

4. Self Medicate with Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a simple but miraculous product. It is not a medicine or a drug. It is an all natural mineral supplement of pure ionized silver in de-ionized water with natural viricide, nactericide and fungicide properties and supports the human body in overcoming infections. It has been used in space (NASA and MIR Space Station) for many many years and has natural antibiotic properties. It strenghtens the body’s natural immune system to function at peak level. eCS provides more energy, fast healing and reduces bodily toxins and it has tremendous natural anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.

5. Rub Away those Aches Naturally

A combination of pure beeswax and natural oils form the base of this rub, rather than the greasy petroleum jelly often used in regular rubs. Traditional Camphor, Menthol, and Eucalyptus oil warm the chest and clear the nasal passages. The combination of Pine oil acts as a cough suppressant.

6. Keep it Clear with Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus helps clear breathing passageways and can protect against colds. This oil is a fantastic addition to baths, massages and inhalations. It is a well known oil for decongesting and thus can benefit cold and flu conditions.

These winter tips are sure to help you beat the winter blues so that you can enjoy this season of rest, introspection and hibernation.

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