How to Use & Care for Your Reusable Face Mask Daily

How to Use & Care for Your Reusable Face Mask Daily

Face masks are a mandatory inclusion in life going forward, and one of the biggest defenses we have against the spread of the virus. The truth is – now listen closely because it is only fools who turn down good advice – a mask will 1) hugely limit the transfer of saliva FROM one individual to another and 2) create a barrier for anything COMING INTO contact with the individual. Basically, your odds are (significantly) better. 

So here’s how you need to handle your mask as you use it. 

  1. Put your mask on before you enter into a public place.
  2. Leave your mask OVER your nose and mouth for the duration of your excursion. We’ve seen a few people removing it to talk (?!) or while waiting in queues (?!). Come on people. Think about it.
  3. BEFORE you get into your car or public transport sanitise your mask and your hands. Leave your mask on if you’re getting into public transport. You can carefully remove it if you’re getting into your own car. 
  4. When you’re home – boil some water and place your mask into the BOILING water with soap. Let it soak until the water has cooled enough for you to wash the heck out of it. 
  5. Rinse with warm water to remove soapy residue. 
  6. To dry it is better to place in direct sunlight – you can tumble- or air-dry if sunlight is not available to you, but the warmth of the tumble drier means that bacteria could still remain on the mask. The fiery heat of the sun is the winner here. 
  7. You need to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME you use your mask outside of the house. 

Therefore, it is best to own at least 2 – 3 masks for rotation. 

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