Himalayan Crystal Salt – Restores Balance Naturally

As we are living the vibrational tone of the planet seems to be shifting. Some of the challenges that come with this include managing one’s energy and stress levels and observing how the energy is manifesting in one’s body. It is becoming increasingly important for us to listen to and nurture our bodies. Our bodies hold all the information we need to manage our pace of life and if we can tune in and listen to what our body is telling us, it can be a wonderful asset in assisting us in grounding the energies we experience on a daily basis.

By tuning into and listening to our bodies we can start to become more aware of the effects that various energies have on us. Food is one of these energies. Part of the earth’s and humanity’s transformation seems to involve a return to a natural and balanced way of eating, a return to living off the land, and to living in harmony with nature. We are being called to nurture and love our own bodies and this is directly linked to us nurturing and loving Mother Earth. Our bodies could be seen as a representation of the Earth’s body.

We reflect the earth and she reflects us. Our bodies are approximately 70% water and salt and the earth is made up of approximately 70% water, and much of this is sea water. Just as we are polluting our earth’s seas and rivers, we are polluting our own blood through the foods we eat, thoughts we think and actions we take. So instead of polluting our bodies with chemicals, or altered or genetically modified foods, we need to return to what nature provides, and what we can grow by harnessing the energy of the sun, water and the other elements. By bringing awareness to how we care for and nurture our own bodies, we naturally become more aware of how to care for and nurture the body of the earth. It could be seen that they are ultimately one and the same.

If one were to view the earth as a body, the seas and rivers could be seen as the blood vessels and veins which carry the nutrients and sustain its vibrancy and growth. When we sweat, our skin becomes salty. So perhaps the salt deposits of the earth could be seen as places where the minerals from the earth’s blood vessels have come to the surface to provide us with vital nutrients. Dissolving Himalayan Crystal Salt in water seems to create a similar substance to the amniotic fluid, the fluid from which we are all birthed. Perhaps it is now that we need to reconnect with the womb of the earth.

Perhaps we are being called to heal the apparent trauma of the birth process. Giving birth is meant to be an ecstatic experience, when we are released from a salt water environment into a welcoming and comforting earth environment. How many people nowadays refer to the birthing process as ecstatic? The word pain seems to be associated more with this experience than the word joy. Isn’t coming to earth the most joyful experience available to us? It should not be painful, but a celebration, and a joyful and loving experience.

We seem to be divinely and physically connected with salt and water. Himalayan Crystal Salt is a substance which the earth has stored in her ancient womb for millennia, bringing it to the surface and making it available to us at a time when we are being called to balance and restore our selves so that we can balance, restore and nurture mother earth in return. Perhaps we can benefit from using salt in this natural, pristine and crystalline form? Is the earth providing the minerals from her blood to us to use in a healing and restorative way?

By bringing more awareness to the choices we make around something as simple as which salt we use, the earth may be guiding us to a more balanced way of life. We need to continually acknowledge and maintain our connection to our earth and express our gratitude for the wonderful gifts she provides for us. One of these gifts is the pinky-orange salt from the salt range of the Himalayan region. Analysis shows that it contains a vast range of minerals found naturally in balanced proportions with each other. This makes it a truly amazing substance which the earth is providing to enhance our health and well being. Some of the health benefits offered by Himalayan Crystal Salt include balancing blood pressure, clearing skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, reducing cravings for sugary foods, a reduction or elimination of cramping, an increase in vitality and a sense of well being.

Many people tend to be living in very acidic and stressful environment and many of the foods we eat make us more acidic. We need to slow down, alkalinize and reconnect with mother earth. It would make sense that using foods as close to the way that nature intended them will bring us back into harmony with her. Himalayan Crystal Salt seems to be one of these foods. It is totally natural, unaltered and in the form that mother earth provides it to us. It alkalinizes the body, balances blood pressure, cleanses and detoxifies. One of our aims should be to restore balance to our own bodies and to the body of the earth. Perhaps Himalayan Crystal Salt can play a part in this process.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be using a colourful mineral rich salt which has been stored in the earth to remain relatively free from pollution, rather than a white refined chemically acidic substance that is processed and contaminated? The choice is yours. Make it wisely with awareness and with love.

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