Steps to Creating a Calm, Harmonious Living Space

Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world, and it’s a space where you should be able to feel completely balanced and at peace. Does your home nurture feelings of peace and positivity? Or are clutter and chaos leaving you feeling depleted and drained?

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your home is a nurturing and supportive space for you and your loved ones. Here are our top ten pieces of advice for creating a more harmonious home.

1. Set Your Intent

Harmonious living starts with you. Be clear about what you want from your living space, and the feelings you want it to reflect. This is the first step towards making that space you’re dreaming of into a reality.

2. Get Inspired

Gather inspiration from your favourite places and spaces; the local beach, your favourite coffee shop or your dream holiday destination. Make sure these ideas reflect what you love, and what you want to see in your home.

3. Prioritise and Take Action

Don’t try to revamp your whole living space all at once – this will leave you feeling overwhelmed and demotivated. Decide which steps you want to take first, and then put those steps into action before moving onto the next phase. Little by little, the space you’re envisioning will start to take shape.

4. Clear the Clutter

A cluttered home creates physical and emotional chaos, taking up space in your mind as well as your home. Make a plan to tackle each area of your home that has become unnecessarily cluttered; you can donate, sell or repurpose the things you no longer need or want.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

5. It’s in the Air

Ensure cleaner, healthier air quality in your home by getting rid of excess dust and pollutants. A home air filter and humidifier will help to eliminate dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke and bad odours, so you and your family really can breathe easy in your living space.

6. The Natural Touch

Natural building materials, furnishings and fibres look simply beautiful, and bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Think sustainably sourced hardwood, stone or bamboo. Even small touches like a bamboo fibre rug, an organic cotton bedsheet or wooden décor can make all the difference, in a way that’s affordable and practical.

7. Green and Growing

Nurture a few potted plants around your home, or grow a windowsill herb garden in your kitchen. Plants really are the best “roommates” you could wish for; they add natural beauty to your space, while cleansing and re-oxygenating the air around them.

8. Incorporate All the Senses

A clean, clear space decorated in soothing colours will appeal to your visual sense; but don’t forget to engage your other senses as well. Combine different textures in your décor; play soft ambient music in the background; light chemical-free scented candles and burn your favourite aromatherapy oils.

9. Loving Light

Natural sunlight is healthier than artificial lighting; try and allow more natural light and fresh air into your home wherever you can. When it comes to home lighting, floor and table-top lamps will create a calmer, softer ambience than bright overhead lights. Use energy-saving lightbulbs throughout your home, to save on energy and keep your electricity bill low. Solar lanterns and fairy lights also make beautiful additions to your home or garden.

10. Dedicated Spaces

By allocating different spaces in your home for work, play and rest, you will find it easier to stick to a balanced, harmonious routine. As you move from one space to another in your home, your subconscious will receive an automatic cue associating that space with a certain activity. This helps to create a sense of structure in a subtle and gentle way.

When you consciously start to care for your home space, that space will in turn start to nurture and support you.

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