It is often said that from dust we came, and to dust we shall return. We are all creatures from Mother Nature. It only seems fitting, then, that we work to honour and preserve her the best way we can. As women, we have a more intimate connection to the planet- she boasts the miracle of life, and we have the ability to do similar by giving birth to children. So by celebrating Earth, we celebrate an entity not much different to ours.

There are many ways of doing this. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing how every Green Goddess can do her bit to protect our big blue marble in fashion, cosmetics and makeup, camping and adventures, as well as cooking.

The fashionable French adopt a minimalist approach to their fashion. Termed the “French Capsule Wardrobe,” the romantic European nation limit their closets to basic pieces. In a typical woman’s armoire you’ll find a black, white and grey tee; a black, white and grey button-up; formal black trousers; a pair of skinny jeans; a pair of black stilettos, ankle boots and summer sandals; a classic LBD; a silk blouse; a trench coat and a cashmere cardigan. Tasteful accessories too, you’ll often only find one watch, one tennis bracelet and matching diamond earrings, as well as a pearl necklace. You can’t forget the classic red lip paint French Women are known for. Otherwise, that is it, and they always manage to look incredibly stylish and refined.
Consider trimming some fat in your closet and keeping only elegant statement pieces that you can mix and match with. Remember, “quality over quantity.” You can enjoy a coat for a decade if it’s been made well. Pick a timeless cut like a trench-, duffle- or duster-coat and you can rest assured that it’ll never go out of style. Once you’ve managed to strip down to the essentials, ensure that clothing gets recycled for a worthy cause. 

You’ll save more money taking your favourite pair of Nine West wedges to a shoemaker to get re-heeled than if you trash them completely and buy a new pair. We tend to be too hasty in running to replace things instead of just repairing them. Leather shoes take 25 – 40 years to decompose. You’re chucking out a good pair of Trenery mules not realising that, with a little TLC, they’ll be as good as new.
Though, it sometimes happens that clothes get past the point of no return and simply are no longer wearable. This is when you can use old scarves and funky tops to reupholster your cushions and scatter pillows.

You only need look at current fashion trends to see that 80’s and 90’s style is making a comeback. Peplums are all the rage and cool kids have fanny pack collections. Eight years ago, kids were combing through thrift stores, looking for 60’s vintage. At the turn of the decade, we might see a 00’s renaissance. Fashion tends to be cyclical which is redemptive news for the colourblock sweater you were about to get rid of.  Hold onto your unique pieces. They’ll be the must-have in a few seasons.

One woman’s gross is another woman’s gorgeous. Invite your most fashion-forward friends around for a swap party with sangria. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with the ladies, and you might walk away with a MaxMara pashmina for your Levis jeans and matching denim jacket. Consider keeping the fashion within the family with hand-me-downs. Whenever I’m invited to a sophisticated garden party, I crack out a black and white striped taffeta dress my mother wore for 5 years and then gave to me. 

So you see, being more eco-friendly is extremely easy. Embrace your inner green goddess and honour Mother Nature through your wardrobe choices. For Instagram thrifters and more advice on being a responsible fashionista see how to create a more sustainable wardrobe