Good News Stories Amidst The Coronavuris

Before we throw the year 2020 out with the bathwater, let’s consider a few things.

Now that we finally understand the nature of COVID-19, we can treat it effectively. This has already begun in certain parts of the world. 


Wuhan, the city in China where the virus was first recorded, recently closed the doors on the last of their makeshift hospitals. There are heartwarming videos of medical workers brimming from ear to ear as they leave the facilities, circulating the net. 

Back in February, China managed to erect numerous fully-functional hospitals in two weeks, to meet the isolation needs of COVID-19. Days ago, nurses and doctors walked out the very same buildings, unrestricted by masks because their local health care efforts have resulted in record-breaking recoveries as well as fewer and fewer new infections daily.

Though the worst is over for the 8 494 km² sized city, nationals like Iran, Italy and North America continue to see an overwhelming rise in infections. Again, not all is lost. Globally, self-isolation and social distancing has been taken incredibly seriously. Italians continue to support one another by having spontaneous aerobics sessions from their balconies and joining in to sing the national anthem from time to time. Solidifying their unity in solidarity.

With all the reported cases, but 0 recorded deaths, South Africa seems to be approaching the eye of the storm. Thankfully, President Cyril Ramaphosa has rushed to implement legislature that will promptly test and treat any Coronavirus patients. Furthermore, strict sanitation and quarantine guidelines have been put in place.

Three separate Chinese individuals aged 98, 101 and 103, respectively, made a full recovery after being treated for Coronavirus. Hu Hanying shocked the world when she was discharged from the hospital, with no traces of COVID-19 in her system, on March 2, 2020. Mr Dai received the same news three days later. Ms Zhang Guangfen was treated for less than a week after she tested positive, and received a full bill of health on 10 March, 2020.

So the treatment is working. Of all infected patients, 90% have recovered and in the process (if not already) of being discharged. As we’ve all come to know over the last few days, some people exhibit symptoms of infections while others are oblivious carriers. You might be asking yourselves what might happen if a dormant carrier brings this epidemic back in a few years. Over 50 Isreali scientists are already developing a vaccine. Though it might take months to test and distribute the vaccine, it is a promising investment in our future. 

The earth is taking a much-needed breather from human activity as it begins to resurge across the world. Venice’s canals are said to be the cleanest the water has been in 60 years, with improved vision and clarity in the waters.

Globally, nitrogen dioxide (the gas responsible for smog and acid rain) levels are down and the world is generally cleaner. Something that we never thought we would be able to say or even think. The image below indicates the dramatic drop from January – February 2020 over China. 

For the time being, we should focus all our energy on staying healthy, protecting our loved ones and staying positive.

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