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Many of you may have already heard of the wonderful superfood course that Peter and Beryn Daniels run, but what you may not yet know is that their long awaited recipe book has been released and is available for sale on our website. However this is no ordinary cookbook. Firstly, no actual cooking is done and secondly, it describes a whole new paradigm in relation to food – raw food. But why eat RAW PLANT food diet you may ask? A very interesting question indeed and one that Beryn has helped to answer with the facts below.

The Facts

When you cook your food:

  • 50% of the B vitamins are lost
  • 70 – 80% of vitamin C is lost
  • The protein structures in the food are altered
  • The aging process speeds up
  • Good fats turn to bad fats
  • Mineral absorption is disrupted

But beyond all that is the fact that researchers have found that 50 – 80% of the nutritional value of food is lost through the cooking process. This means that over half of the food you put into your body is just putting strain on your system, because it serves no nutritional function. That is a lot of time and energy wasted not only on digestion but food preparation. A ‘good’ home-cooked meal can take hours to prepare!

Common Sense

  • Nature presents raw plant food to us in abundance
  • Raw plant foods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat and delicious
  • Raw plant foods contain thousands of health-giving nutrients
  • Raw plant foods conform to the biological design of the human digestive system
  • Raw plant foods represent the purest form of transformed sun energy with the sun, being the source of all life on this planet

Eco-friendly Living

  • When one eats an orange, the wrapper (peel) becomes compost
  • When one follows a raw plant food lifestyle, the amount of rubbish produced by that individual decreases to almost nothing

More Benefits

  • Raw plant foods are cleansing and alkalizing
  • Raw plant foods do not create an immune system response when you eat them
  • Raw plant foods regenerate the cells of the body
  • Raw plant foods add vitamins and minerals to the body
  • Raw plant foods add protein to the body
  • Raw plant foods add enzymes to your enzyme bank account

“Life is designed raw. Out of trillions of organisms that were alive at the beginning of time, are alive now and will be alive at the end of time, only one tampers with its food. You do not want to bet against those kind of odds.” (excerpt from Sunfood Diet Success System)

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