Funky Ways to Repurpose Plastic

Unfortunately plastic bottles are part and parcel of most of our lives. If their presence in your weekly rubbish is not disturbing enough, then the ‘Pacific Soup‘ aka the floating garbage island of the pacific ocean, should really make us sit up and acknowledge that every piece of trash saved, is a small victory won! Enjoy this assortment of fun; funky and practical ideas to give life back to any plastic bottles that were heading for the landfill. The ideas and images were all sourced from Google.

Bottle Bank – A fabulous project with the little ones on a rainy day!

Plastic Purses – Cut off the bottoms of two bottles and zip them up for an elegant and eclectic coin purse or jewellery travel bag.

Get Juicing – Ok so you have to find a bottle with large bottom and juicer cone shaped bottom. But, how cool is it if you can? It is easy to clean and to pour the juice without wasting.

Candle Holders – Whether it’s to house our stunning scented soy tea candles or to make holders out of your plastic bottle tops, the sky is your limit when it comes to showcasing your creative crafting genius.

Paint Trays – The bottom of a plastic bottle specifically a soda or a soft drink bottle can be cut out and utilized as paint trays with no much effort. Or you can reuse plastic coffee cups as shown in the picture.

Newspaper & Magazine Rack – If not for your home, how funky is this for the office! It is now on our wishlist at the headquarters.

Plastic Bag Sealer – Love that this idea creates incentive to re-use one’s plastic bags AND one’s bottle tops. Simply cut the top off a disposable bottle, and push the bag through the bottle neck, fold it over the edges, and twist the cap back on. And voila – your bag has an air and water tight seal, and you don’t have to waste the bag. Now that’s the kind of eco-friendly innovation we just love!

Festive Stoep Lighting – Feed your solar string fairy lights into colorful empty bottles and rope them together to use around the patio in the summertime. The result is gorgeous as you can see!

Plant Holder – The ways in which plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes can be used to grow plants is endless.

Crafting Times – Such Fun! The beautiful face is made from what looks like a detergent bottle and plastic bottle caps, and those tulips are made from plastic spoons. The last one is made from plates and cups. Brilliant.

Soap Dispenser – Don’t throw away the lids of your favourite Victorian Garden bodywash, instead keep them aside to dispense your homemade cleaning solutions

Pencil or Brush Case – Made in the same way you would the coin purse, but with a rope added on to make it that much easier to show off, lazily slung over your shoulder of course.

Ten Pin Bowling – For a rainy day, your kids will love it.

Curtains & Belts – I am sure you have seen this idea for curtains around before. You could make a funky belt with elastic used instead of string from an assortment of funky coloured plastic bottle tops.

Water Your Plants – If you have a small garden in your home then this is the best money saving way to reuse the bottle. You can make a automatic or manual watering can using the empty bottles. Just make a spike at the opening and use it for watering. If you fix the bottle in a holder then it will water the small plants automatically. You can also use old pens to make spikes, as has been done in the picture, for a funky spray.

Fly Trap or Rain Gauge– Cut a 2L plastic bottle into two halves and then place the upper half upside down inside the lower half. Fill the system with any kind of sweet liquid. The insects would easily find their way in to search for the liquid but would not be able to escape out of it. It is especially great for pesky flies.Made in a similar manner as an insect trapper, rain gauge does not require any sweet liquid to be poured in. You just have to print an accurate scale measurement over it and place it on your roof while it rains.

Hanging Herb Garden – The concept is that it keeps plants off the ground away from pests and by hanging upside down the plants will naturally grow upward toward the sunlight. With the water flowing downward onto the plant itself it also gets moisture and nutrients onto its leaves, thus producing a hardier plant yield.
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