Spring-Clean your System with French Clay

Spring-Clean your System with French Clay

For centuries, natural clays have been used in many different forms as restorative remedies for humans and animals alike. Today, these ancient gifts of the earth are still used as luxurious spa treatments and powerful healing agents. French green and red clays are among the most popular and widely-used clay treatments today. Here’s why:

French Green Clay – Cleansing and Healing

French Green Clay, also known as Calcium Bentonite, is found in volcanic ashes which are mined in the south of France. This clay’s detoxifying powers make it the perfect choice for anybody looking for a healthy natural springtime cleanse. With its strong negative ionic charge, French Green Clay works to draw out toxins from the body. The effect is a gentle yet highly effective detox for your whole system.

French Green Clay is rich in many wonderful, health-giving minerals from Aluminium to Zinc. It’s highly effective as a detoxifying bath soak, and can be used to make healing poultices, natural clay facial masks or body wraps. French Green Clay can also be taken internally to balance intestinal flora and eliminate harmful bacteria from the digestive tract.

French Red Clay – Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

French Red Clay is another remedy supplied by Mother Nature’s well-stocked apothecary. It’s a much-loved beauty treatment known for having both anti-ageing and slimming properties.

Bathing in French Red Clay creates a healing “domino effect” within your body. First it stimulates the circulatory system, which in turn stimulates the lymphatic system and helps with the absorption of fat and cellular waste. This encourages weight loss while giving your body a wonderful deep cleanse. The increased circulation also provides your cells with more life-giving oxygen, which promotes healing.

French Red Clay is also packed with iron oxide, which is rich in therapeutic salts and minerals. Red Clay masks and bath soaks work to soften the skin and refine pores, while removing toxins and rejuvenating cells by increasing oxygen-rich blood flow. This leaves you with a fresh, youthful complexion.

Whether you choose gorgeous green or radiant red, naturally sourced French Clay is packed with all the healing and beautifying properties you could wish for to get spring off to a sensational start.


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