Fourth Month

The Fourth Month is Time for Growing

Hooray! You have made it through a third of your pregnancy! While the first trimester could easily pass as the most nauseating (thank you, morning sickness) the second trimester is by the most enjoyable. A lot happens with your baby and your body during this time. The best thing about the second trimester? MOVEMENT! Yep, your little one will start moving his or her arms and legs a lot more now and what will begin as little flutters in your tummy, will soon progress to swift and firm kicks.

At around 18 weeks you will be able to find out the sex of your baby. If you are a planner, like me, this will be a huge moment for you. Try not to think too much about whether or not it’s a boy or a girl. Trust me, you get what you need. Initially, I had my heart set on a little boy and two daughters later I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade being a girl mom for anything.

A lot of the less desirable pregnancy symptoms ease up in the second trimester. Morning sickness goes away, the tiredness is less, the hormones rage a little quieter and you will generally feel a whole lot better than you did during the past three months. Your bump starts to grow significantly now and by the end of the second trimester, you should be visibly pregnant.

As your body starts to stretch and grow to accommodate this little life inside you, it’s normal for your confidence to take a little knock. Those pants no longer, the bras are too small, your bum just seems astronomical, it can all wear you down. Now pass this article on to your partner because what I am about to say is more for their ears than yours….


Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it might be a good time to chat about relationships. You may already have noticed that things are starting to feel a little strained at times, your patience is a little less than it was pre-pregnancy, and your self-esteem is lower so you’re naturally more sensitive. This is a great time to put some work into your relationship, strengthen those bonds and talk about how you will manage the tough times when your baby comes along because trust me, it’s an adjustment.

There’s nothing you can do to truly prepare for your baby but here are a few little things that can help you feel closer together as a couple:

  • Make time for dates now.
  • Make a habit of asking your partner for what you need. You wouldn’t believe the number of arguments that occurred in my house post-baby because my husband wasn’t a mind reader.
  • Teach yourself to handle conflicts quickly, and then forgive each other just as quickly.
  • Talk about how you will manage your finances during your maternity leave and put a household budget together. If you have this locked down now when your baby arrives it will make thing a whole lot easier.

One of the things I loved about the second trimester was the simple act of allowing myself to fall in love with my body. As women, we are so conditioned to believing that we need to look a certain way to be thought of as beautiful and pregnancy challenges all those notions. Your body changes, your belly grows, you are forced to wear a bigger size, and if you just let yourself enjoy it, it can be incredibly an incredibly special lesson in self-acceptance.





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