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We asked Paul who started Vondi’s (a company specialising in holistic Pet Nutrition) to tell us a bit more about his motivation in starting a natural pet range that includes gentle but effective pet repellents, washes, sprays and immune boosters. This stunning range is of course available on Faithful to Nature and on special at the moment (See our Vondis Pet Range).

This is what Paul had to say:

Over the years we have interviewed many pet owners at The Natural and Organic Expo, Good Food and Wine Show and The Woman’s Show both in Cape Town and Gauteng. We looked at testimonials from pet owners at the many markets in and around Cape Town. We discussed in-depth, health issues, with the many clients that frequent our retail outlet in Sea Point.

Many complained about the immediate sickness that befell upon their pets when they applied the flea and tick drops. Others complained that there pets skin swelled up after application of these drops and most claimed that there pets continued to suffer from sort of skin condition.

After investigating the ingredients that are used to formulate these flea and tick drops, we were appalled to learn that ingredients fipronil and permethrin, used in animal flea products Advantix and Frontline, are also the active ingredient in common household insecticides, advertised nationally as almost instantly killing cockroaches. Note also that these products have a hazard rating of 4, the highest value.

I find it hard to believe that these products are not absorbed in to the tissues and organs of the animal, accumulating over time, with a consequent impact on the well-being of the pet.

There are some wonderful natural alternatives that repel fleas and ticks without being dangerous to our pet’s health. Garlic has been used for centuries as a natural anti-biotic but also to repel parasites, mosquitoes and fleas.

Khakibos has always proven to be a great flea and tick repellent. Many older folk will tell you of stories how they would cover their carpets and curtains with Khakibos, in order to repel fleas and ticks. Many tell of how Khakibos can even be used to spray your organic herb garden. Safe and natural it can be sprayed directly onto your pet and linen and in fact, is very gentle on the skin.

Cats generally prefer the powder, and dogs the spray. However, either can be used on dog or cat. Khakibos is safe and can be licked. It may also be used as a rinse for your pet’s laundry.

Shampooing your dog or cat should be done very seldom. In fact, a healthy pet, with healthy skin and good bacteria does not need to be washed often. However, when you do choose to shampoo it must always be a natural, chemical free shampoo. Khakibos is soft on the skin whilst also acting as a flea and tick repellent.

Louise van der Merwe, SA Representative: Compassion in World Farming and Editor of Animal Voice testimony is frightening but there are worse:

“My cat lost all the hair on her neck and back after I had applied one of those flea poison ampules you get from the vet. The baldness wasn’t just where the ampule had been applied. It spread over several square inches. It took a long time for her hair to grow back. I felt dreadful.”

Need I say more?

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