Five Great Investments for a Healthy Green Office

Five Great Investments for a Healthy Green Office

A happy, healthy team is a productive team! And when you have a healthy green office, everybody feels the physical and mental benefits. Not only that, greening your workspace means your business will have a lower carbon footprint, which is an achievement to be truly proud of. Going green needn’t be overly expensive or difficult either; just a few small cahnges can make a really big difference. Check out these five environmentally friendly and wellness-enhancing products you can invest in, to keep your office clean, green and serene.

1. Water Filter

We all know that we focus better when we’re properly hydrated; and the right water filtration system will give your whole team instant access to fresher, cleaner better-tasting water, all day and every day. Water filters help to rid your water supply of the following nasties:

  • Chemicals: Chlorine, fluoride, sodium, lead, mercury & other heavy metals
  • Contaminants: Bacteria, viruses, microbes & VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

There’s a water filter option to suit every budget – depending on the size of your team, you can choose from a simple countertop distiller to a high-capacity water bar with all the bells and whistles.

2. Air Purifier or Humidifier

Even the cleanest office can have unhealthy air. Dust, pollutants and allergens are rife in cities worldwide, and the air conditioning or heating found in office buildings dries out the air significantly. This means scratchy throats, sniffles and the fast spreading of those dreaded workplace germs! With an air filter, you can rid your office of so many contaminants:

  • Pollen, dust & mould
  • Bacteria, viruses & germs
  • Tobacco smoke & carbon monoxide
  • Bad odours

Our Solenco USB air filter can be plugged into a laptop and is so handy for individual use in the workspace. We also stock the innovative range of Meaco air purifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers, for shared use in larger spaces.

3. Bokashi Food Composter

Banana peels, apple cores, half-eaten pieces of toast… most of us eat at least two meals in the office daily, and that adds up to a whole lot of food waste. What if you could take all those scraps and turn them into something useful? The Bokashi system does just that – simply chop up the food scraps, pop them in your indoor, odourless composting bin and sprinkle with a handful of Bokashi bran. The scraps will start to ferment, and in a few weeks you’ll have a load of nutrient-rich fermented mulch that’s perfect for nourishing plants. Use the compost tea to give your office plants a boost, and if your office building doesn’t have a garden or lawn, donate the Bokashi compost to a local nursery, farm or urban garden.

4. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

These pink salt beauties look simply gorgeous on any desk; but they’re so much more than pretty ornaments. When Himalayan salt warms up, it starts to release negative ions, which help to neutralise the (positively charged) electromagnetic radiation emitted by common office electronics. These ions also help to cleanse the surrounding air, relieve stress and combat coughs and allergies. Investing in a few Himalayan salt lamps for the workspace will really help to contribute to your team’s overall wellbeing, and your office environment.

5. Carbon Fibre Heater

During the colder months, electricity consumption shoots right up as office workers huddle close to their electrical or gas heaters. And this doesn’t just affect your energy consumption – it also poses the increased hazard of fires and burns. A carbon fibre heater means no open flame, no toxic fumes and far less strain on the electricity budget. In face, our Technoheater models give you up to 97% lower running costs than ordinary heaters – and up to 85% fewer carbon emissions. That’s good for you, your team and your planet.

Happy greening!

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