Faithful to Nature’s Medicine Chest

It is such a delight using all natural products to doctor any illness or wound, and there really is no end to the use of the many natural treatments we stock. Due to their organic structure the body readily recognises natural products with the result being more efficient healing as one does not get nasty side effects and nor is there concern about products mixing. Ultimately the immune system and internal organs like the kidney and liver are healthier if you can choose natural healing solutions in so far as possible. There is an amazing synergy of science and nature in many of the following products.

AllisOne Tissue Salts – Ferrum Phos – First Aid

AllisOne Tissue Salts - Ferrum Phos (First Aid)
A natural pain reliever that helps with inflammation – perfect for bruises; cuts; burns and bleeding.

AllisOne Tissue Salts – Kali Mur – Decongest

AllisOne Tissue Salts - Kali Mur (Decongest)

Kali Mur is the ear, nose, throat and lung specialist of the salts and is an absolute must in every natural medicine chest to take at the onset of colds; sore throats or sinus infections. But it is also great at treating nausea; acne; eczema; allergies and thrush amongst a host of other symptons.

AllisOne Tissue Salts – Nat Phos – pH Balance

AllisOne Tissue Salts - Nat Phos (pH Balance)My almost 6 month old son was still struggling with bouts of reflux until we each started taking this (I am still breast-feeding). It has been one of my best finds yet! Works very well for nappy rash too incidentally.

AllisOne Tissue Salts – Nat Mur – Aquilibrate

AllisOne Tissue Salts - Nat Mur (Aqualibrate)

I am constantly thirsty so have just started with this to test it, but it work help heal cold sores; dry skin; fatigue and a predisposition to insect bites amongst many other bothers.

Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing Balm

Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing and Beauty Balm

The name says it all and a must to keep on hand for cold sores; burns; bites or irritated skin of any kind.


New Chapter Vitamins Organic

Whole food supplements are a must to maintain optimal health for two very good reasons. The first is that our soils are so depleted that we are not getting the essential nutritional count in our food that we should be, and secondly, synthetic supplements actually tax your body and your health further. Read more about what your supplements are made of.

A Vogel Cold Formula

A Vogel Pollinosan FormulaA fantastic homeopathic blend to take at the onset of colds.


Himalayan Crystal Salt

Universal Vision Himalayan Coarse Crystal Salt GrinderThe best gargle around for sore throats. This is because the salt water gargle has a higher salt concentration than your cells’ salt concentration, and so it will draw out some of the edema fluid from the mucosa of the throat.


A Vogel Echinaforce

A Vogel Echinaforce For the prevention of colds, this is a must. If any one of us starts to get sick, then this comes out to boost the rest of us!


Colliodal Silver

Coventry Colloidal Silver SoapIf you are serious about creating a natural medicine chest, then this should be your number one buy. Colloidal silver treats everything from ring worm; to acne; to eye and ear infections… immunity, you name it!


Barley Grass

Drasanvi Organic Barley Grass PowderI take a spoonful in some fruit juice every morning – the health benefits are endless and I genuinely feel stronger for it.

12. Relief Remedy Roller

Soil Relief Remedy RollerVery handy to have on hand for any nasty bites, although in truth the ozone healing gel now gets preference for any bites.


Ozone Gel

Ozone Hemp Healing GelA fantastic all-rounder for bites; stings and any kind of fungal infection. This is a good remedy for athletes foot too, the ozone kills fungus and bacteria that makes your feet smell.

Xlear Nasal Spray

Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray

Great for blocked noses or sinus infections.
15. Peppermint Essential Oil

Soil Peppermint Essential OilFantastic to relive headaches – rub a drop on temples or add to your bath.


Pine Essential Oil

Soil Pine Essential OilPine is an excellent respiratory oil used for coughs and colds and I add a few drops to our humidifier in our bedroom. A wonderful gentle remedy for babies croup as well.


Clary Sage Essential Oil

Soil Clary Sage Essential Oil

The best way to relive stomach upsets or period pains. Put a few drops on a hot cloth and press to the stomach area.
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